It is absolutely scorching out. The weather forecast for the rest of the week looks to be much of the same. 25 degrees with little to no clouds all week long. That calls for one thing, some tunes by the canal with a lovely pizza and pint. Can’t ask for much more than that. Best to make the most of it while we can. Here are your 10 feel good mixes for this weeks heatwave.

1: What better way to start this list with some Italo goodness? Bella Festa’s recent appearance on NTS Radio filled with an hour of your finest Italo, synth pop and disco to get you in that party mood. The sun is shining, life is good.

2: Next up we have all round party starters, Horse Meat Disco. Their recent Boiler Room appearance at FLY Open Air in Edinburgh is jam packed with feel good tunes. Stick it on and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed. Soulful goodness throughout guaranteed!

3: The following entry on this list is Four Tet’s Streaming From Isolation Boiler Room. Given the diversity and range of Four Tet’s productions and selections it feels like this mix in particular could be well suited to almost any weather forecast, it’s just that good. This mix and a cold one would go down quite well though.

4: What would this list be if it didn’t include some form of trance, progressive house, or both? Luckily this mix has you covered, as Mercorn’s exceptional entry to the Haws Mix Series covers those bases and more. The recording encapsulates that sunny feeling whether that is sat on the canal in sunny Dublin or further afield. It is absolutely terrific.

5: It only feels right to include a set of Annie Mac’s in this list. Often times when the sun is beaming and the air is warm, you can expect to hear an Annie Mac mix playing somewhere in the distance. Then, if that isn’t the case, it’s usually a well known summer track that she has played at many a festival set in the past. So subtle, nice and warm.

6: Possibly one of the most spoken about Irish festival sets in recent years (between this and her Life Festival debut set in 2019) is Chantel Kavanagh’s Boxed Off set from 2019. Both of these sets, for quite a number of people, is an accurate representation of sunny, good times shared with their nearest and dearest. Whether that’s at a festival with a huge gang or relaxing on the canal with some close friends. This is your soundtrack.

7: Terrence Parker is next up on this list. Having been such a pioneer and influential figure in the progression of house music, he is definitely part of the conversation when it comes to being one of best house music DJs on the planet. This set is an example of that. Not to mention his crazy productions, most of which carry an incredible amount emotion and meaning which make him an absolute no brainier on this list. Bliss.

8: Yet another brilliant mix, showcasing all things house, disco and everything in between is Shauna Dee’s Higher Vision set recording. Uplifting selections all the way through that would go down an absolute treat for those looking to party down by the Grand Canal. What a buzz.

9: Next up is the fantastic Roza Terenzi, who’s contribution to the Resident Advisor mix series is scattered with an amalgamation of trance classics from the past and the future. This is some serious, essential listening. Get stuck in.

10: What better way to complete this list than to remind ourselves of the master of house music, Kerri Chandler. Undoubtedly one of the best DJs and music producers that the world has to offer Kerri boasts a discography filled with sunshine bangers that creep into his DJs sets time and time again. How divine.

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