We are against war and violence of all forms. We stand with Palestine at this horrendous time and we acknowledge their right to exist. We also acknowledge that the Israeli government are the persecutors, not the citizens. We grieve for all citizens caught up in this war.

The genocide and terror reigning down on Palestine is inhumane, unthinkable and a consequence of years of inaction from a broken political system. For far too many years now, Palestinians have been persecuted in what can only be described as genocide. We’re not only standing for Palestine, we’re standing against all right-wing policies which incite violence and ideas of ‘otherness’ that rip through communities.

The Israeli government is inciting terror, propaganda and misinformation with a view to get other countries on board, and it has been working. The media has been skewed in Israel’s favour, but the tide is slowly changing as people speak out and call this what it is – ethnic cleansing and a violation of human rights at the highest level.

The dance music community has always been an integral part of grassroots community movements and we’d like to use our platform to encourage everyone to stand for peace. Lobby your governments, boycott Israeli goods and protest. There’s no room for compromise. You can stand for Palestine and still oppose the violence committed on their behalf. Change has to happen, and if it’s not happening from the top down, be part of the change from the bottom up.

Some of the initiatives we support include:

  1. Protest. Today at the Dáil, 5pm. A protest is being held ahead of the debate on the current conflict. Please go if you can. Follow the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (ipsc.ie) to stay up to date on all protests.
  2. Ahead of it please use this email template which includes a segmented list of TDs for easy sending. Thanks to @mama_matrix/Clio for creating.
  3. Sign the pledges on ipsc.ie to boycott Israeli goods and share on your profile. There is a specific one here for artists and performers, which includes DJs, producers etc. Please use your platform to share.
  4. UNICEF Ireland are fundraising. If you can afford to, please consider donating here.
  5. Boycott Israeli brands, see list below:

Please share among your communities and get involved where you can.

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