It’s a tough time for everyone right now, especially those involved within the dance music communities, with musicians, venues and club promoters all feeling the financial strain.

The world famous Sub Club is a venue that although you may not live in Glasgow, or even Scotland, you know all about. To put it simple, it’s a dance music institution.

Right now, with the many battles the venue is facing, they are put in a position where asking for help is realistically their last option, as the odds have been heavily stacked against them.

This morning, the venue was very open and clear, explaining their financial situation. The phased reopening plan is very likely to mean the final nail in the coffin for the Sub Club, if things stay as they are.

In order to raise the funds needed to survive till Decemeber, when some vague sense of normality will hopefully resume, the venue will need to create £90k of income. In the effort to raise the funds, they have created a Crowd Funding Page where you’re invited to donate, purchase merchandise, purchase advance tickets and enter raffles in the hopes that the funds can be raised.

If you want to play a small part in keeping one of the world’s most legendary venues afloat, you can do so here. The venue and people around the world will thank for you for it.

Web image credit: Resident Advisor.

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