Sunil Sharpe’s Earwiggle has announced their latest various artists compilation titled ‘Music For The Wilted Generation’ that is due to release on December 2nd. The compilation highlights the labels 30th release and features 11 acts in total. Some of which include Kerrie, The Mover, Keepsakes, Dublin Terror Squad and more.

Following Earwiggle’s last release, which was a roaring success in February of 2021 where the label featured IMOGEN and Ben Pest’s ‘Volts’, Earwiggle have announced their latest compilation ‘Music For The Wilted Generation’.

Scheduled to release on November 25th on vinyl and on December 2nd digitally comprising of 11 producers that include The Mover, Heidi Sabertooth, Kerrie, Surit, Arjun Vagale, Pyran, Keepsakes, Ingen, Slave To Society, Duran Duran Duran and Dublin Terror Squad.

Following this artists compilation, you can expect Earwiggle releases from Marco Bruno (titled ‘The Logic Behind EP’) and Luke’s Anger in 2023 in what hopes to be the busiest year for the label yet.

You can pre-order Music For The Wilted Generation on Bandcamp here.

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