The HSE collaborates with ‘Sexism Free Night’ – a project that aims to provide a nightlife culture which embraces gender perspective in the promotion of safety, diversity & valuable experiences for all.

This is invaluable research for the Sexism Free Night Project, allowing the HSE to gauge the extent of issues in Ireland, and collaborate with their EU partners so that these areas can be addressed. As we all know, the nightlife scene is and should be cherished as a safe-space, but sometimes this unfortunately isn’t the case.

The project is seeking volunteers to fill out their survey to help inform the project, which is the first step to making nightlife safer and more inclusive for everyone. 

What’s involved? Firstly, it is anonymous. And secondly, don’t feel obliged. But if you feel that you’d like to share, or know someone who would, we really would appreciate this getting out to the right people. The questions are based around themes of sexism, sexual violence, nightlife environments and drug use. It takes about 30 minutes to complete. It also asks general information such as questions on your background, where you usually go on a night out, how you get there and your drug use. It also asks about your perceptions and experiences of sexual violence. This survey is strictly confidential. It is an opportunity to get your voice heard, and potentially to affect in-real-life much needed change.

If you’ve experienced any of these issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Free Irish services to access help include Stillhere.ieRape Crisis Network of IrelandDublin Rape Crisis CentreNational Women’s Council of Ireland, and the Samaritans Ireland.

Fill out the survey here. You can also find information about drug safety in Ireland here.

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