Electric Picnic is officially only 5 days away. This Friday over 50 thousand festival punters will be heading down to Stradbally, County Laois for one of the biggest weekends of the year.

Electric Picnic is a little bit different to most other festivals that have happened so far this year, for instance it’s not quite as dance music orientated as others. A lot of first time festival campers will be heading down to Stradbally so we’ve put together a small guide on how to survive the weekend.

A decent tent

We’re emphasising the good on this because it’s probably the most important piece of equipment you’ll bring down with you. The weather is looking good for the weekend coming, we’re hoping the skies stay clear but we are in Ireland so you can’t trust anything. If it’s going for 15 quid, it’s probably best to look for a different tent.

A proper sleeping bag

It is the beginning of September so the nights will be getting cold, probably best to leave your sleeping bag you got for Christmas when you were 13 at home and pick up a cosy one in Argos. You’re probably best not going cheap on this one either, the guts of 25-30 quid should be okay.

Camping chair

These are often overlooked by new comers to the camping festival game but are in fact a very important piece to your camping equipment. When the sun is splitting at 3 p.m on Saturday and you’re sitting on the ground drinking cans, then you’ll know what I mean.


This is easily forgotten about, I forgot mine heading to Life Festival this year and sleeping on a bundle of clothes is not ideal. And don’t trust that little-flip-up-hood-thing on your sleeping bag, it’s not that comfy.

Battery pack / external charger

Your phone is going to play an extremely important role across the weekend, from taking a video of Sunil Sharpe at 3 in the morning to texting your mate “Where you?” fifteen times in a row, you’re going to need battery.



Three strong days of drinking warm cans, you’re going to need to stack up. Don’t be that person mooching cans off people on Saturday cause you already drank your 8 pack of Heineken on Friday night. Please drink responsibly though, you’ve got the whole weekend, as the saying goes “it’s a marathon not a sprint”.

Multiple pairs of socks and undies

These are important, you’ll be surprised how easily you go through pairs of socks when you’re camping. Thank me when you see that person buying them awful weed socks for 5 quid because they didn’t bring enough.

Baby wipes / towels

Two important players in control of the safety of your hygiene throughout the weekend. Baby wipes are like a currency at festivals, come Sunday evening they’re worth more than gold. Don’t forget to bring some deodorant too, you’ll be doing everyone a favour here.


We feel very strongly about earplugs and the safety of your ears here at Four Four. You might not think it’s a big deal but just head over to boots and pick up a pair for 7 quid to do you for the weekend.


We’re hoping the weather does come through and it stays sunny but you’re better safe than sorry. There’s no point in wearing your brand new Nike 95s down anyways. Penney’s do lovely flower ones.


Some accessories to bring along:

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Moisturiser / hand sanitiser
  • Condoms
  • Torch
  • Speaker
  • Lip Balm
  • Bottle opener
  • Plastic water bottles – can’t bring glass in
  • Bumbag / tote bag
  • Hip flask
  • Plastic bags / ziplock bags
  • Suncream
  • Gazebo
  • Cash

And most importantly don’t forget your tickets.


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