Techno & Can’s is back with a very special, not so romantic Valentines edition of their new ‘All Night Long’ B2B series with Sam Greenwood and DJ Frequency taking control of the one and only Wigwam basement.

With the return of regular Techno & Can’s event’s this year, a new series of ‘All Night Long’ B2B sets has been created and it’s back for a special oldschool, fast paced and high energy night with two aficionado’s taking control. The first edition brought Sam and Aeron together for a heavy hitting night.

Techno & Can’s head honcho Sam Greenwood has always pushed local and upcoming Irish talent from his days running Hangar to running the agency ‘The Building Society’ which has brought acts like KETTAMA, Tommy Holohan and George Feely to the level their at today.

DJ Frequency is a member of the new group ‘Digital Indecency’ who take on the image of wearing balaclava’s and just pumping out tunes. We had them on our podcast not too long ago and you can check it out here.

And if you want to get more info you can check out the event here and get tickets. Tickets start at just €3 so be quick and save a few quid.

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