Hard hitting Belfast collective, DSNT are no stranger to thumping techno and excellent parties, and neither are Dublin collective Techno & Cans…

Which is no surprise to find out Techno & Cans have just complied an hour of techno for DSNT’s ever-impressive podcast series. In this hour Techno & Cans resident, Jake Nolan steps up to the task with a thunderous and relentless mix of techno and acid for our pleasure. Enjoy…

DSNT had this to say about the Dublin collective.

Recent guests at our party in Berlin, our stage at AVA Festival and generally sound lads, Techno & Cans step up for our next podcast. In their own words a ‘Dublin collective with a huge passion for techno and warm cans… our sound is raw and your parents definitely wouldn’t like it.’ (My da’s a fan though.)

They’re not wrong either, this one’s proper acid techno bangers.


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