Blue Ghost:


Completely not funny anymore. Brags about the fact he did yokes in 2005 when they were ‘better’. Wont spend more than a fiver and can be found asking people for sups of their drinks throughout the night.

Heath Ledger’s Joker:
Has worn the same outfit since 2008, still can’t come to terms with Heath Ledger’s death. Will spend the night walking around shouting “Why so serious?” at people that are upset. Will end up having a fight to the death outside Supermacs with a person dressed as Jared Leto’s Joker.

Harley Quinn:
Has never had an original thought in their life. Genuinely thinks they’ll be the only person at the party dressed like that. For some reason thinks she looks remotely like Margot Robbie.

Al Capone/Scarface:
You spend the night baffled that he was admitted onto the premises, there are three guaranteed things in this life; Death, Taxes and people that dress like Al Capone or Scarface are 100% cocaine dealers. Will presumably be arm in arm with someone dressed as a sexy nurse or Kim Kardashian and will definitely end up spending the night in Store Street Garda station for smashing a bottle of Corona over someone’s head.

Ket Spoon:


This guy means business, if you ever needed more proof that this guy absolutely loves taking drugs then look no further.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week this guy is thinking about the next time he can shove enough K up his nose to send him into an Interstaller-like 5th dimension.

Couldn’t be arsed:
Walked into Dealz two hours before he was due to go out and picked up the three most obvious things he could. He’s now dressed as a Sexy-Vampire-Nurse-Cat just to avoid being called a scab.

Amber Leaf:
Semi-ironic, semi-deadly serious statement of how much this nicotine fiend loves mega pouches of Amber Leaf, will obviously spend the entirety of the night in the smoking area, smoking Amber Leaf.

Killer Clown:
A total piece of shit.

This person has subscribed to over 900 ironic meme pages and felt the death of a Gorilla in the Cincinnati Zoo more than the death of a semi-distant relative. Will have lost two stone of his body mass through profuse sweating by the end of the night.

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