Karl Guest’s bi-weekly feature ‘The Guest List’ is back… Every two weeks we ask Karl to pick 10 of his favourite and upcoming releases, written by Karl Guest himself.

Karl is one of the few Dublin DJs that’s equally talented in playing house and techno alike, constantly altering his style from gig to gig, similarly to what he chooses to listen to – he’s had a busy year championing nights all over Dublin and at festivals all over the country, so we’re glad we could catch him to share his versatile taste with all of us.

Without further adieu, here’s Karl’s picks of the week…

1. Cromby – Retribution 

Retribution feels very much like a deep house jam with both an electro and a techno influence, similar to what you might expect to hear on an early KMS or Metroplex record. Melodic pads and chords add a euphoric edge to the track while swarms of claps and snares ride over the deep, evolving bassline creating a lot of tension and energy. The EP also features two remixes from DeFeKT and Shanti Celeste.
Release: 16/11/18
2. I Hate Models – Spreading Plague

Spreading Plague is a tough, no nonsense techno track with a textbook I Hate Models melodic influence. It’s a hard hitting tune with bursts of acid and dainty, chilling vocals that provide a very dark foundation for the track as it gains momentum through industrial noise and metallic percussion hits before briefly breaking into a rather light and uplifting melody.
Label: Perc Trax 
Release: 23/11/18

3. Johannes Albert – And Then Some 

Johannes Albert is back with a peak time floor-filler on Frank Music. The prolific German DJ/Producer has been consistently churning out top quality tracks for a number years now, spanning across the genres of House, Disco, Techno and more.
This release sees him turn to a more techno/rave influenced style of house, with big drum hits, rave stabs and snare rolls, all topped off with a catchy, repetitive vocal. This one is sure to get crowds going.
Label: Frank Music
Release: 30/10/18

4. Fede Lng – Song At Night (Baltra Remix)

Baltra and Hidden Spheres were called upon by Axe On Wax label boss Fede Lng to remix his track ‘Song At Night’. Baltra’s remix is a rich, percussive, breakbeat mix with lots of textures and emotion. His sound design and vocal effects give the track a futuristic, robotic aesthetic while the pads and breaks add an uplifting characteristic to the piece. I’m expecting this one to do the rounds over the next few months.
Label: Axe Traxx
Release: 03/12/18
5. CONNY – Song For Eva (Jersey Mix)

Irish producer CONNY has just dropped an astonishing four track EP on Krystal Klear’s ‘Cold Tonic’ imprint. This EP is a real testament to his love of house music and his abilities as a producer. It’s easy to see why Krystal Klear jumped at the opportunity to sign him up for a release.
The Jersey Mix is a classic take on New York deep-house with lush chords, vibrant pads and and a deep, plucking bassline that would sound right at home on a Kerri Chandler record.
Label: Cold Tonic
Release: 09/11/18
6. Kid Sublime – The Mandrill 

Jazzy Sport is a label that focuses on a fusion of soul, jazz and hip-hop, often in a house-y direction, as is the case with the newest double LP. This release comes courtesy of Dutch producer, Kid Sublime. ’The Mandrill’ is a really percussive track that has a deep, bouncing bassline, a looping piano groove and high pitched vocal samples. It maintains a nice jazzy flow throughout which is accompanied perfectly by the flute skills of Han Litz which gives it that extra bit of character and drives it home.
Label: Jazzy Sport
Release: Coming Soon
7. Dreamscape – Born

World Building have been building up an impressive back catalogue over the last few years, releasing new music and bringing old gems back into the public eye, as they have done here.
Dreamscape’s ‘Born’ initially came out on his own ’New Age House Records’ imprint back in the mid 90’s. It’s a deep, meditative house track packed with emotion that World Building label head Ari Goldman has unearthed and remastered for our listening pleasure in 2018. Go check it.
Label: World Building
Release: 30/10/18
8. Jesse Bru – Good Life 

Jesse Bru’s split EP with Harrison BDP on Happiness Therapy provided us with four amazing house tracks. JB’s track ‘Good Life’ is a deep, jazz infused house jam with uplifting vocal chops, jazzy keys and euphoric pads with the unexpected addition of a rather grainy, Reese-like bassline rumbling away underneath. Overall, a really great EP from two of the brightest talents around at the moment.
Label: Happiness Therapy
Release: 09/11/18
9. Bobby Analog – Busted


Belfast house maestro Bobby Analog recently teased the previews for his next release over on his soundcloud. The three track EP will be the fourth release on his Body Fusion imprint and covers the sounds of classic house and Italo. I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on the full version of the lead track ‘Busted’ and it’s safe to say that it’s a banger. A classic 90’s inspired house groove with breaks, chords, vocals and lush pads that sit nicely over a deep bassline.
Label: Body Fusion
Release: 26/11/18

10. Ghetto Chords – People Of Our Nation

Ghetto Chords often leaves us waiting quite a while in between releases, but always leave us satisfied when he does. After a few top drawer releases on the likes of Roots For Bloom and Imported Recordings, he’s back with some original material on De La Groove Records. ‘People Of Our Nation’ is an uplifting house weapon with a raw drums supplying the groove and driving the track. Massive piano riffs and vocal samples repeat throughout while a funky bassline cements it all together.
Label: De La Groove Records
Release: 30/11/18


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