The Infamous Player is set to make his Irish debut this Saturday at Wigwam courtesy of Dublin-based collective Hidden Love. Player will perform a rare hybrid-live set on the evening where he will be accompanied by Jon Hussey and Erik Burka on support.

The widely renowned techno collective Player has spanned a legacy of over 2 decades and has had varying members over the years, with their music standing the test of time as it encompasses elements of techno, funk, and ghetto which has fused into one that creates the signature Player sound.

Some notable Player releases include Player 3, Player 12, Player 17, Player 21, Player 26, and so on, as the group churned out releases over a 6 year period during the early 2000s and has since been remastering and uploading their early releases and remixes to their Bandcamp which seen a surge in popularity once again with Player’s productions.

Dublin-based party Hidden Love is liable for this unique booking, as they look to start 2023 on the front foot. Having thrown a 5 euro secret guest party where Alarico made an appearance and a local party in Cellar where Mav666 and Derv headlined the show with Flores and Constant on support. The group aims to act as an innovative techno party that looks to showcase inspirational acts that are located both at home and abroad.

The support acts for this Saturday are none other than the legendary Irish hero Jon Hussey and Hidden Love resident and co-founder Erik Burka. A night full of old-school techno can be expected from some of the country’s finest past and present dance music artists.

Tickets for Player can be purchased here.

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