The popular former cinema space and venue, The Kino in Cork has announced its closure, as the pandemic affects another set of independent promoter.

The Good Room crew has worked tirelessly to bring some of the best in culture, art and music to Cork city centre, which saw a huge decline of venues and art spaces in recent years. Since they took over the venue in 2019 they have run events with the Podcast Festival, curated events with acts such as Wyvern Lingo, hosted multiple stand-up acts, along with hosting local heroes such as Fish Go Deep and Stevie G. It’s fair to say it will be very much missed as they today announce they will not re-open on Washington Street. The promoters and venue operators, who also run the Live At St. Luke’s concert series, took over the lease of the Kino in September 2019.

Unfortunately we’ve made the difficult decision to close The Kino for good. We had come to a new agreement with the landlord recently to stay until the end of the summer. But due to the latest government extension of level 5 restrictions we feel that it will likely be June or July before the live performance sector is allowed to re-open.

It wasn’t feasible to continue paying substantial rent for the next several months in the hopes of maybe opening for a few weeks. Only to vacate shortly after in order for the building to be sold.

It’s devastating to be leaving so much sooner that we had hoped, but unfortunately the timing never worked for us in the Kino. We were only six months into what was a five year plan when Covid came along and we were forced to close last March.

In truth, we had just found our groove and the venue was getting a great name nationally. We never got a chance to fully realise our vision for the Kino. Had Covid not come along we would be in a completely different situation.

You can read the venue full press release here.

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