If you’re active on Twitter you’ve more than likely come across the Secret DJ, be it discussing DJ stories and experiences, or publishing some of the industries best kept secrets via his Secret DJ books.

Most recently, he has been promoting safety during the Covid era, calling out the rise of plague raves DJs at a time when Covid was at a dangerous height. He is most well known for his books which give the low-down on how the industry works, some of the best session stories, and an honest, no holds barred account of the dance music scene.

“An anonymous exposé of the touring DJ’s drug-fuelled life both entertains and appals” The Guardian

Also well known for sharing his thoughts on Brexit and all the struggles that came with it, it’s safe to say The Secret DJ has become an outspoken voice for the dance music scene.

Unfortunately, he recently incurred personal struggles due to contracting the virus and is reaching out to supporters within the dance music scene to help aid his recovery. Read on to find out about his journey:

Recently The Secret DJ, after nearly two years attempting to be the voice of reason regarding COVID and the music industry, himself contracted the Delta variant from British arrivals to Ibiza. This was, most unfortunately, the second time he got it. This time far, far more deadly.

Emergency helicopter off the island, ICU, induced coma, flatlining, bronchitis, pneumonia, MRSI and a host of other deadly ailments all arrived simultaneously. He survived but with lung damage, a loss of nearly a third of body mass (and thanks to Brexit and not being a local citizen) a large bill and forthcoming physiotherapy.

Books don’t earn money unless a global smash in many languages. Music no longer earns money, as ironically his books describe in some detail. Secret DJ invested heavily in the ‘Secret DJ project’ just before COVID arrived so was already in some debt before this last 2 years of zero income. Now his tour is postponed until an undetermined time next year. There’s a yawning chasm between now and ‘some time next year’.

If you can contribute then please do, enough people doing what they can and we’ll soon get there. Please help support one of the good guys in our scene while he gets back on his feet and back to what he does best – DJing, making music, writing, and generally being the onion in the custard for an industry that, more than ever, needs to be loudly held to account. Anything you can manage will be hugely appreciated.

If you’d like to send The Secret DJ a few euro to help his cause, you can donate via the Gofundme page below.

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