April 6th has been penciled in by plenty of artists as the release date for tons of new material. This morning we listened to it all so you didn’t have to, and for the most part we’ve been totally impressed. This particular Friday seen two new albums from two of techno’s elite producers, a house EP on the esteemed BRAINFEEDER label as well a reliable Unknown to the Unknown drop and a mysterious one on Stranger’s label. We broke them down in no particular order, and you can listen to them all right here.

Dax J – Offending Public Morality

Dax’s album lands exactly a year since he caused controversy in Morocco for playing a song that ignited a storm of hatred from extremists worldwide. The theme of the album is clear from the get go through multiple skits and we get an impressive blend between the album running side by side with a story as well as a showcasing of Dax’s production talent.
The title track is most definitely a shoe in for one of the techno tracks of the year, while he nods heavily towards his jungle and drum n’bass roots on multiple tracks, most notably ‘1001 Amen Nights’. Not only that but the Berlin-based UK native also gives us bits of EBM and in no uncertain terms hits a home run with this effort, combining all the aspects that an electronic album can offer into one.

Daniel Avery – Song for Alpha

The Phantasy artist took quite a break from production since his first album ‘Drone Logic’ which was met with critical acclaim when it first hit the shelves. This time he returns with a much more ambient and hypnotic tone rather than that electronic and sparky sound we first heard on his debut LP. Tracks like ‘Sensation’ and ‘Clear’ had been revealed to us on past EPs and they act as the spine of album, padded by various tones and textures throughout. Despite not packing the same punch that his debut did, this version of Daniel Avery is an older and maturer both literally and creatively, and that most definitely comes across in this refined, contained piece of work.

TAFKAMP – My Work Remains EP

TAFKAMP is the well hidden alias of none other than Dutch rave artist Stranger. The Self Reflektion boss and Monnom Black signee has been developing the even heavier alias for quite a while now, peaking with a ferocious set at Unpolished this year that’s available to stream via the TAFKAMP Soundcloud.
The EP releases via the Dutchman’s new label Revenge Technique, a replacement for his Paling Tracks imprint. The four track collection is one of the most concise techno EPs we have heard all year with all four locked and loaded for the dancefloor via catchy vocal loops, vicious basslines and most of all relentless kicks. Top marks.

Ross From Friends – Aphelion

Our sister magazine District have Ross From Friends as their cover star this month and it’s hard to see why not. His new EP, which was heavily anticipated since it was announced, released via Flying Lotus’ BRAINFEEDER label and it delivered the goods under an increased spotlight. The producer expands on more italo-like influences that were apparent on his last EP and combines them with the quirkiness we’ve come to expect from both Ross From Friends and any music that is released via the label too.

Redlight – Dance Trax vol. 10 EP

Redlight is a regular contributor to DJ Haus’ house empire and his latest offering drops on Unknown to the Unknown sub label Dance Trax. The two tracks from the producer most definitely are purpose built for the dance floor, showcasing a tribal side and a touch of breakbeat on the other. Remixes come in the esteemed shapes of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Marquis Hawkes who add predictably upbeat kicks and synths to the tracks and overall wrap up what is yet another solid release from of the best and most consistent labels in electronic music.

Scalameriya – Hellzone Megapunk EP 

Last but not least we have the hardest hitter of the lot which drops via Perc Trax and most definitely adheres to the label’s existing crunchy sounds. The artwork for this one most definitely bumps it up in our books but overall this is distortion perfection. Every track takes us down a new path and just when we feel as though the distortion has gone too far we’re pulled back into the pits of oblivion with even heavier kick drums. Stellar work from the Italian-based artist on this particular one.

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