We are just a few days away from the inaugural edition of Otherside that is set to take place in Rock Farm in Slane, Meath. It felt only right to highlight some of the best mixes that the artists playing across the weekend have to offer and oh boy, what a treat.

Krystal Klear Essential Mix

Irish native and Otherside Festival headliner Krystal Klear’s entry to the BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix series is a no brainier for this list. The prep that went into this mix alone is truly fascinating and if you haven’t heard this already then you are in for a very special 2 hour journey. Expect only the most sensational house and disco cuts from this powerful recording.

Lane 8 Sunrise Set at Grand Lake CO

Next we have yet another headliner in Lane 8 contributing to this top 10 mix list. This sunrise set in particular is magnificent. The track list comprises of quite a few Lane 8 tracks which is quite fitting in this case as his productions really epitomise the feeling of lush, yet raw emotion that can be felt during this sunrise set. This is a great watch.

DJ Seinfeld Boiler Room x SCOPES

The evolution of DJ Seinfeld’s sound has been nothing short of incredible. His live performance to close out Otherside Festival on Sunday will be nothing short of magical. This Boiler Room provides a close insight to his progression through his musical journey, as you can hear the difference of his style and sound throughout this set. It is mega, definitely worth a listen!

Cinthie at Red Light Radio

Cinthie has stapled herself as one of the most consistent and driven house and disco DJs and producers in recent years. This Red Light Radio mix is a true testament to her knowledge and understanding of both genres, showcasing seamless transitions with upbeat selections that are truly infectious. This is essential listening.

Long Island Sound on Hoer Berlin 2/12/21

It can be difficult to keep up with the amount of fantastic sets that come from Hoer Berlin’s bathroom given the output of recordings that are released every single week. Although that remains the case, this Long Island Sound mix could be up there as one of the biggest hidden gems that has come from the widely known bathroom that we have all come to love. If you are eager to find out more about Long Island Sound, you can deep dive into their discography by checking out this mix filled with their own tracks. Dreamy stuff.

EVE Boiler Room Dublin at Pygmalion

Minimal techno trio EVE are no strangers to the Irish festival circuit. They grace Otherside Festival this weekend in what will be nothing short of a special performance. Their debut Boiler Room set at Pygmalion is a must listen to get you in the mood for what will be a memorable set at the ‘Beneath The Trees’ late night stage.

I. JORDAN Essential Mix

I. Jordan’s (fka India Jordan) Essential Mix makes its way onto this list in style. A superb selection of club music that has been played throughout really solidifies this entry as one of the standout mixes to listen to ahead of this weekend’s antics. The switch up in sound and genre is fantastic and is undoubtedly one to watch out for this weekend. Don’t miss out on giving this a spin!

Chris Stussy at STRAAT Museum, Amsterdam

Minimal house royalty in Chris Stussy makes his way onto this list as he provides an absolute stomper of a performance at the STRAAT Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands. A heap of groove coupled with some inspiration taken from 90s house makes this a mix that has a ton of replay value. Such gorgeous listening.

Meg Ward Live From DJ Mag HQ

This mix entry consists of pure party pumpers. Meg Ward’s track selection is impeccable and once again shows why she is one of the hottest up and coming DJs around right now. Pure house music rhythms from start to finish that will surely put a spring in your step. Check this out.

Oden & Fatzo Live Set Boiler Room x FLY Open Air

The house music trio that is Oden & Fatzo who seem to have taken the world by storm since their release of their hit track ‘Lauren’ step up to the plate where they perform a phenomenal live set at Fly Open Air in Edinburgh. This set simply cannot be overlooked by any modern house music connoisseurs. There is a ton of funk and groove in here to keep you entertained from start to finish.

You can purchase tickets for Otherside Festival here.

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