If you’re a fan of techno then it’s no question you know the techno pioneer that is Jeff Mills. Mills has been at the for front of techno for decades, yesterday we saw the 25 year anniversary of his legendary Waveform Transmissions Volume 1. The Four Four office have chosen our top 10 mixes from the man himself to rely on whenever you’re stuck for a relentless mix.

Have we got it right? Check out the mixes below.


10. Jeff Mills & Montpelier Philharmonic Orchestra – 2005
9. Jeff Mills vs Dave Clarke – Rave City – 1994
8. Jeff Mills – Exhibitionist Mix – 2004
7. Jeff Mills aka The Wizard – Detroit – 1986
6. Jeff Mills & Adam Beyer – Tresor 1998
5. Jeff Mills – John Peel Sessions – 2002
4. Jeff Mills – Essential Mix – 1998
3. Jeff Mills – Axis Mix – 2004

2. Jeff Mills – Live at Wire – 2002
1. Jeff Mills – Live at the Liquid Rooms, Tokyo -1996

Don’t agree with our selection? Let us know what yours would be.

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