For the second edition of our new guest feature, we’re delighted to bring you 10 of Karl Guest’s favourite and upcoming releases, written by Karl Guest himself. Karl is one of the few Dublin DJs that’s equally talented in playing house and techno alike, constantly altering his style from gig to gig, similarly to what he chooses to listen to – he’s had a busy year championing nights all over Dublin and at festivals all over the country, so we’re glad we could catch him to share his versatile taste with all of us.


1) Crawford – We Go Back [Brame & Hamo Remix]

Sligo born, Berlin based duo Brame & Hamo were called upon for remix duties on LOFT Records latest release as they follow up from Hammer’s massive Canna EP. The original mix by Crawford; a deep, melodic and uplifting house track is a mesmerising tune in itself but I was really blown away by Brame & Hamo’s twist on it as they reworked some of the dreamy elements such as the pads and the arps but by taking a more hard-hitting techno approach to the track with their added drums and synth stabs.

Label: LOFT Records
Release: 20/7/18

2) Housemates – Soul Value [Jersey Groove]

This is a superb deep house jam courtesy of Housemates on NAFF Recordings. The four track EP, premiered by hurfyd, features 2 mixes of Soul Value by Housemates and 2 remixes on the flipside. It was hard to pick a favourite from the EP but the ‘Jersey Groove’ mix stood out a bit more for me with its lush piano chords, jazzy sax lead and raw percussion, however, it was the sporadic vocal chops and deep, classic sound of the bassline which really drew me in and I couldn’t help but compare it to the deep and infectious basslines that Kerri Chandler has become so well known for. One for the heads.

Label: NAFF Recordings
Release: 16/7/18


3) 90 Process – Strictly Cut

This, for me, was the stand out track from French duo’s latest EP ’No Warehouse Needed’. A powerful oldskool drum groove with some repetitive cowbell and clap patterns create a proper techno feel within the tune. Some drum breaks are teased in early on leading up to a euphoric pad/string section where the breakbeats become centre of attention and are allowed to breathe before the relentless techno groove kicks back in.

Label: Lobster Theremin
Release: 27/7/18


Nataraja is tricky to describe. in comparison to the vibrant, detailed synths and percussive rhythms that Bodyjack’s productions usually feature, this track is very much stripped back. It’s driven by a heavy broken drum pattern and a deep, raw bassline with distorted cowbells remnant of some old Dave Clarke productions. A big banger with the ability to ignite a dance-floor and also a very versatile track that would sound right at home in a number of situations.

Label: DEXT Recordings
Release: 18/7/18

5) Josh Wink – Selecta [Vocal Mix]

Josh Wink has been one of the most iconic names in house and techno over the last two decades. This release, on his own Ovum imprint, is exactly what we’ve come to expect from him; an uptempo acid banger with pulsating drum rhythms and percussion courtesy of the Roland TR-707. Sporadic bursts of reverb and reversed drums patterns create a lot of tension within the track which ties together nicely with the large soundsystem vocal and whistle sounds that give it an oldskool, rave feel at points.

Label: Ovum Recordings
Release: 11/7/18


6) Alex Lee ft. Extacy – I’m Gonna Go Out [DART Remix]

This remix comes courtesy of Dublin’s very own DART. He’s had a massive year already this year racking up a number of festival appearances, winning the AVA Emerging Producer Award and most recently announcing that he’ll be joining the likes of Cromby, Midland and Sally C at the Sulta Selects edition of this years Warehouse Project in Manchester.

Almost 30 years after the initial release, DART has taken this classic Alex Lee track and given it a newlife, cutting back on the vocals and focusing more on the musical elements giving it a pumping yet balearic feel. A pounding kick/clap combo coupled with some looping, tropical percussion lay the foundations for the track along with some rich pads and a huge bassline which will guarantee a reaction from any dance-floor.

Label: N/A
Release: Coming Soon


7) Love Drop – Don’t Look Back [Dan Shake Dancefloor Dub]

Hometaping gift us with their latest release featuring ‘Don’t Look Back’ by Love Drop accompanied by 2 remixes from Dicky Trisco and Dan Shake. All 3 versions are worth a mention and serve a different purpose. Dan Shake’s take on it sees him up the tempo and give it an an undeniably extra funky swing with looping percussion, record scratches and some wild effects on the vocals building up to the dramatic breakdown where a string ensemble delivers a few moments of euphoria.

Label: Hometaping Is Killing Music
Release: 12/7/18


8) KiNK – Leko [Session Victim Remix] Burek Recordings

7 years after the initial release, Burek Recordings decided it was time to revamp the track that gave them notoriety with a remix EP. Reworking a big track is no small task, especially when it’s by the likes of KiNK. They acquired the services of none other than Session Victim to take it on and the results were, as you can imagine, fantastic. It takes the original elements and gives the track a warmer, moodier feel with added percussion and guitar licks. A tune that could really unite a crowd/dance-floor, especially in those early morning hours.

Label: Burek Recordings
Release: 30/7/18


9) The Donna Smith Experience – Live With Me

‘Live With Me’ is an experimental, deep and captivating house track. The swung drums and percussion give the track a lot of movement while the faint, ethereal vocals and warm pads bring the track to a different dimension and provide a lot of texture. It’s all brought together by a classic Korg M1 organ-bass line. This, coupled with the subtle breakbeat sections help to give it a 90’s aesthetic with a modern twist.

Label: This Is Our Time
Release: 13/8/18

10) Ron Elliot – Bounty

Another one coming from Ireland as Ron Elliott delivers his debut EP, the aptly named ‘UFO EP’ features 3 original tracks from the Dublin based producer. The second track from the EP, ‘Bounty’ is a tasteful blend of Techno and Electro with a large focus on the arpeggiated bass-line which constantly evolves, opening up the filters and modulating the cut-off to really drive the track. This, with the help of some electrifying synth stabs and exuberant pads/strings give the piece a lot of width and atmosphere which
really makes it an interesting track with a lot of potential to do some damage. It’s a doozy.

Label: Self Released
Release: 26/7/18

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