We’re back with Karl Guest’s bi-weekly feature, ‘Top 10 Releases With Special Guest’… [Although we’re a week late due to Karl running off to Dekmantel before he’d finished his homework] 

Every two weeks we ask Karl to pick 10 of his favourite and upcoming releases, written by Karl Guest himself. Karl is one of the few Dublin DJs that’s equally talented in playing house and techno alike, constantly altering his style from gig to gig, similarly to what he chooses to listen to – he’s had a busy year championing nights all over Dublin and at festivals all over the country, so we’re glad we could catch him to share his versatile taste with all of us.

Without further ado Karl has picked his favourite upcoming releases, which in his own words…

1. Escape Earth – Escape Earth Theme (Bawrut Remix)

After recent individual releases on Ecstasy Garage Disco and Tone Dropout, Ritual Poison bosses BufoBufo and Corporeal Face join forces for their new Escape Earth project. Italian producer Bawrut stepped up for remix duties, providing us with a deep and psychedelic house groove layered with breakbeats, hypnotic vocals/synths and a bouncy bass line.

Label: Ritual Poison

Release: 18/7/18

2. Black Loops – Like A Feather

Black Loops return with a jazz infused house jam which was featured over on Houseum. Overall it’s a very chilled track but still maintains a groove throughout. Jazzy keys and chords give the tune a mellow flow and create a nice vibe while the synths and bass line constantly evolve, keeping the track moving and giving it energy.

Label: Sisyphon
Release: 24/7/18

3. Naeth – Default Housing Crisis Acid Jam Link:

Dublin producer Naeth takes it back to the raw on this one. He popped it up on his Soundcloud the other day and I’ve pretty much had it on repeat ever since. A raw, jacking acid house track with an infectious bassline, 808 drums and a sinister twist on a classic vocal that any house fan will be familiar with. It calls to mind that early Chicago sound from the likes of Phuture as well as that of some more modern artists such as Paranoid London.

Label: N/A
Release: 10/8/18

4. Niles Cooper – Memories

Modern day Deep House don Niles Cooper is back with another great release. In this track, aptly titled ‘Memories’, Niles takes us back in time with a dreamy house groove. Lush pads and soft synths give the track a euphoric and uplifting feel while the classic Juno bass line provides us with some warmth. All of this is carried and driven along nicely by the drums and swung hi-hats. If you’re a fan Don Carlos and Larry Heard, this is for you.

Label: Pale Springs Records
Release: 24/8/18

5. Borai – Teefa

Borai is back with another release on THEM with a 4 track EP. Each track is banging in it’s own right and probably all deserve a spot on the list but I’ve gone for the second track ’Teefa’. A 140+ Jungle weapon with a nice intro containing some big pads and light breaks before breaking down with a huge sound system vocal. The breaks are constantly changing up and glitching to keep it flowing and prevent it from becoming too repetitive, as is often the case in some more modern ‘breakbeat/jungle’ tracks. The deep, grimey bass line adds a nice bounce to the track alongside the dark, haunting synth that could do some serious damage over a big rig.

Label: THEM
Release: 17/8/18

6. The Burrell Connection – Orbit_458

The Burrell Connection returns to Craigie Knowes. Having previously featured on the now notorious label’s first ever release, he’s back with his own EP on the label entitled ‘Hyper/Orbit’. This is the first track from the B-Side and shouldn’t be slept on. Breakbeats make up the percussive side of the track with sporadic bursts of gated vocals and warm, vibrant pads that give it a lot of texture and emotion.

Label: Craigie Knowes
Release: Coming soon

7. Mellow Man – I Need A Rhythm

This might be cheating a bit as it’s not necessarily a new release. This one from Mellow Man is one of four tracks on the ‘Box Of Goodies’ EP on Club U Nite Records. The EP is a limited edition reissue of 4 tracks released on the label between 96’ and 98’. A timeless deep house cut with a deep bass, jazzy chords and great drums/percussion that are all helped along by some upifting vocal chops.

Label: Club U Nite Records
Release: 27/7/18

8. Nyra – Trust For You

Nyra is showing no signs of slowing down as he steps up with yet another EP in quick succession from the last, again on his own ‘Canoe’ imprint. This one was definitely made with the dancefloor in mind as the disco sample loops over and over with a driving drum beat behind it giving some charge. It builds until hitting a sudden and abrupt breakdown where the tracks echos and filters out, the filtered sample fades back in with huge vocals that provide a lot of energy. Peak time banger.

Label: Canoe
Release: 13/8/18

9. Tommy Holohan – Fairy Cakes

Back to the breaks again for this one. Tommy Holohan is one of the most promising talents in Ireland at the moment and has been tipped for big things by the likes of Dax J and MixMag as well as recently having some of his tracks premiered by DJ Mag. The Rave Selekts bossman stepped up to deliver his latest ‘Skull Crushing Techniques’ EP on Keepsakes imprint ‘Haven’. Fairy Cakes kicks off with some industrial sounds and eery pads, creating a lot of tension from the beginning. It develops with a heavy broken drum pattern and ominous bass line until breaking down into a section of dialogue, hoover synths and wheel-up sirens before kicking off again with the addition of some rowdy breakbeats.

Label: Haven
Release: 14/9/18

10. NNATN – Soul (Original Mix)

Next up see’s NNATN drop two hefty tracks on Pogo House Records. This first track, ’Soul’, is heavily influenced by the 90’s oldskool House and Garage sound, with some great drums and chugging snares combined with a deep, low end bassline, some excellent piano rolls and a soothing vocal. I strongly suggest checking out the second track ‘Ghet House’ too. Feel good music. Enjoy.

Label: Pogo House Records
Release: 10/8/18

Image credit: Jack Farrell.

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