Slam’s Soma records is undoubtedly the biggest label that techno has ever seen. With the label now in its 26th year, after dropping a huge 25th anniversary collection last year that included tracks from some of techno’s best, it’s about time that we put together a collection of the label’s best output. What better weekend to do so than when Slam and Rebekah come together to take over District 8 this Sunday. 

10. Robert Hood – The Bond We Formed

Taken from the aforementioned Soma 25 years compilation, this is a classic track from Robert Hood that harks back to the more relentless techno that he was renowned for playing rather than the more house infused material he’s more known for playing now under Floorplan.

9. Slam – Lifetimes 

While it is a far cry from the tough sound we’ve come to expect from Slam, the house element of the track blends well with the deeper tones we’ve come to expect from the Scottish duo’s label, which never really stuck to one tone of techno from the beginning.

8. Percy X – Time to Jack (Radioactive Man Remix)

A more relaxed number when it comes to some of the banging techno that we’ve come to expect from Soma, but Radioactive Man is one of a number of legends that have made it onto the label and this remix of Percy X is as stashed off as they come. Pure 90s electro goodness from one of the sculptors of the genre.

7. Slam – Positive Education

Echoing similar vibes to Lifetimes, Positive Education is definitely one of the biggest tracks to drop on Soma, effortlessly combining house tones with a much heavier techno aspect to make an iconic track that defines both an era and a label.

6. Clouds – Duke Street Fleet

This is taken from the record’s special Glasgow Transmissions EP that showcases the very best that the famous Scottish city has to offer. Clouds are most definitely one of the most varied producers in all of techno, but when it comes to making four to floor bangers, it’s hard to find anyone that does it better and Duke Street Fleet is them at their Chained to a Dead Camel best.

5. Rebekah – Code Black (Slam Mix)

Rebekah’s album ‘Fear Paralysis’ was a standout release from Soma and Slam’s own remix of Code Black is most definitely the most memorable piece of work from the collection. Putting the list together we almost slipped past this one without including it, which is a testament to how big the label really is.

4. Envoy – Dark Manoeuvres (Dax J Remix)

While the original is a timeless classic and the remixes may not be too far from it, Dax’s re-work of the Dark Manoeuvres track gives it that extra oomph that gets it over the line some years after its original release. While SHDW and Obscure Shape also give it a good seeing to, this one gets our thumbs up for sure.

3. Daft Punk – Drive 

One of the hidden gems of Soma but definitely one not to sleep on, this Daft Punk gem is a perfect example as to why their bond with the Scottish pairing worked so well. This rave anthem goes straight back to their alive days where their sharp combination of crushing hats with huge drums made them a force to be reckoned with in underground circles.

2. Lewis Fautzi – Eerie (Sleeparchive Remix) 

Arguably one of the biggest remixes techno is likely to see, this track really speaks for itself. Sleeparchive isn’t necessarily known for his heavier touch, but this is most certainly a stand alone track and is purpose built to light up the rave.

1. Clouds – Complete Control (Slam Remix)

We may be a little bit bias on this one, but Slam’s remix of their fellow Scotsmen takes the cake for us. Complete Control’s original mix is most definitely a cool track but the addition of Slam’s timeless kick drums just does it for us and has been a get out of jail free card for multiple DJs in clubs worldwide for quite a while now.

Slam & Rebekah play District 8 this Sunday for Techno & Cans and Subject, join the event here. 

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