We seen in our Facebook group that there is still some hype around this style of samba-esque techno. For years DJs and producers like Jeff Mills and Max Walder have been making and DJing hardgroove and tribal techno. Around the early 2000’s is when it properly peaked with festivals like I Love Techno and Love parade happening in places like Berlin.

Some producers who you wouldn’t expect used to be the biggest in the world for this style. For instance Umek, who DJs tech-house now, used to play some of the best hardgroove sets in the world, check him out at I Love Techno 2001 here.

Here we’ll take a look at our favourite ten hardgroove / tribal techno tracks.

Jack De Marseille – Kalymba

This was originally released in 1998 on French record label, Ozone Records as part of his System EP. Here he uses the typical style of tribal bongos with old rave-y stabs.

Max Walder – Samba Del Costa

This track was released in 2002 on Belgian record label Lupp, here Max Walder uses a sort of tribal singing chant for the break down and also includes a thumping four to the floor kick.

Devilfish – Man Alive

This classic samples the ‘Inner City – Good Life’ riff but makes it sound a little bit better (in my opinion). Classic stabs and samba drums, what more could you want.

Mumps – Mechanism E

Not a lot of people know that this is Umek’s side project. This one was released on Billy Nasty’s Tortured Records back in 2000 as part of his Mechanisms E-L EP this is definitely our favourite.

Marco Carola – 7th Question (A1)

Marco may not play this kind of techno anymore this one definitely goes down as a techno classic. This was released in 2001 on his ‘Question’ record label.

DJ Rolando – Jaguar

A lot of people get this track mixed up with Carl Cox being the producer as their is a version on YouTube with 8 million views called ‘Carl Cox – Jaguar’. This was released in 2000 on 43o West Records. Perfect for closing out a set.

Jeff Mills – Alarms

We couldn’t not put in a Jeff Mills tune here somewhere, and don’t mind the video it was actually released in 1997 #TheMoreYouKnow.

Tomaz vs Filterheadz – Sunshine

This could arguably go down as one of the best tribal techno tracks ever made. This was released on Intec Records in 2002. The breakdown in this goes on for quite a while but it’s just so beautiful.

Mark Broom – Shanty Star

This was released on King Of The Snakes records in 2003 but recently got re-released as a digital track as part of his ‘Beardman EP’. The bell melody is spot on, perfect example of groovy, tribal techno

Adam Beyer – Remainings III (DK Remix)

When Drumcode / Adam Beyer’s releases were at their peak. This was released on Drumcode back in 2000. The growling bass line in this track will never get old.

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