Hands up who picked up a ticket to Sven Väth at WHP x AVA later this December? Predictably the event sold out in record time, further confirming just how big a draw Papa Sven still is.

Over the years Sven has wowed the world with his partying and mischievous antics, one thing that is certain everyones favourite German DJ is a living legend and a huge character within the the entire dance music scene.

Over the years Sven’s legendary status comes from cultivating the underground electronic music scene in Germany and Ibiza, where he’s been DJing over 30 years, held a night at Amnesia for 15 years and has played for more than 30 hours straight. All these things coincide with partying, so he has had his fair share of funny moments.

Check out our 5 favourite Sven moments below.

5. ‘B2B with Luciano’

The two guys were playing B2B at a Cocoon afterparty in Ushuaia. As always, Sven brought his A game. Just skipped to 4.00 and see what we mean…

4. ‘Dancing on the table’

For his 50th birthday, Sven got up on the table for Richie Hawtin’s set at Time Warp Mannheim.

What a legend!

3. ‘Partying with his family’

This one is pretty cool. His whole family take to the stage as he DJs. It’s safe to say, Sven’s family certainly know how to party.

2. ‘Watching the Germany match while playing Awakenings’

Anyone who’s a fan of Papa Sven will know he is a hardcore fan of football. Check out his hilarious image of him watching the Germany game while he plays to a ridiculous amount of people at Awakenings.

1. ‘Kissing Richie Hawtin’

Terrible footage we know, but camera phones weren’t great all those years ago. Never the less, this video of Sven B2B with Richie Hawtin is one of the funniest things you will see. Both of the guys in their element. Sven even kisses Richie.

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