The mysterious producer that is has just dropped a new mix via their Soundcloud page ‘planet uterus’.

The 90 minute mix entitled ‘secret guest – live at planet uterus’ showcases the melodic and numb techno sounds we’ve come to know from the suspected German.

The phrase ‘reopening’ suggests that there’s more to come from the producer both in terms of mixes and production after they retired their Prince of Denmark alias last year.

The mix contains 14 named tracks in the description, and like any other mix from the producer, it’s sure to go down infamously with their adoring horde of fans.
This mix drops after the producer’s recent statement that they had ceased working with the Giegling label. Presumably the split was in relation to the label head Konstantin’s controversial comments as regards women in the dance music industry.

Listen to the mix right here.

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