The ever-mysterious Traumprinz is back teasing their loyal fanbase with their Prince of Denmark alias after the project was previously retired last year.

In a cryptic Soundcloud post via the ‘Planet Uterus’ account, the artist released a brief statement that they’d ceased working with German label Giegling. Quick fan analysis speculated whether the artist decided to leave the label that has showcased so much of their diverse work due to the label head Konstantin’s controversial comments about women in electronic music. Read the full statement below:

closure for interior renovations is in progress.
early last year i stopped working with giegling. over time i kind of more and more lost touch with it. maybe it’s a bit sad in the beginning to see things change and grow apart somehow, but that’s the nature of life sometimes. what it means, simply no more involvement of mine in it, no more future music or whatsoever.
it was, with all its ups and downs, a meaningful time and a time to grow.
renovations are working out well, will soon be finished.
from planet uterus with love

The new track ‘interior renovations’ features the trademark symphonic grandeur but equally minimal style we’ve come to know from their multiple aliases.

With all that being said, it’s still uncertain whether the presumed German artist will actually revive the much loved alias, or just start a new one altogether given the previous unpredictability we’ve come to expect from him/her.

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