While we once again celebrated St Patrick’s Day rather unconventionally, we still managed to get firmly into the spirit of it all.

For the second St Patrick’s Day in a row, we enjoyed the date from the confines of our own homes, however, we still managed to wake up the following morning with that all so familiar pounding headache, the one that only comes the day after St Patrick’s Day.

As we had passed a whole year since the events industry came to a halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Prospekt crew were keen to create a virtual gathering in an online format, which the 12 hour live stream did nicely.

From 1pm on St Patrick’s Day, the curated Prospekt live stream kicked off, raising much needed funds for the excellent ‘Mental Health Ireland‘ charity being the main objective of the day. For this special occasion, we at Four Four teamed up with the Cork collective to host the day’s techno music, all streaming live from our YouTube channel.

The collective day of music raised over €900 on the day, which was brilliant. If you listened, shared or donated, thank you very much. If you missed the day and night of techno, you can listen and watch again, as we’ve put all the steams into this handy article. Enjoy.

Eric Moore | Prospekt – St. Patrick’s Day Stream 2pm – 3pm.

AeronXTC | Prospekt – St. Patrick’s Day Stream 3pm – 4pm.

Yasmin Gardezi | Prospekt – St. Patrick’s Day Stream 4pm – 5pm.

FYuN | Prospekt – St. Patrick’s Day Stream 5pm – 6pm.

Offtrack | Prospekt – St. Patrick’s Day Stream 6pm – 7pm.

Sam Greenwood | Prospekt – St. Patrick’s Day Stream 7pm – 8pm.

Jamie Behan | Prospekt – St. Patrick’s Day Stream 8pm – 9pm.

Nktrnl [Live] | Prospekt – St. Patrick’s Day Stream 9pm – 10pm.

Trail Of Thought | Prospekt – St. Patrick’s Day Stream 10pm – 11am.

Ôneyra | Prospekt – St. Patrick’s Day Stream 11am – 12:00am.

Josh Reid | Prospekt – St. Patrick’s Day Stream 12:00am – 01:00am.

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