I think we’re programmed to feel better when we hear and feel rhythms.. Its something that has been in our societies since we were tribal.. gathering to rhythms..

Audio Visual Meditation
By Fuinneamh Founder Luke Reddy aka Lucas and Allen Anderson the graphic designer behind Fuinneamh’s unique image. 

Two of the creatives behind the increasingly popular Fuinneamh Festival have come together to create a music video which aims to induce meditation and relaxation on it’s viewers / listeners as it accompanies a euphoric track by LUCAS.

Check out what Luke Reddy (Lucas) had to say about this piece, the motivation and passion behind it, and how it came about.

This project was a co-creation between myself and Allen Anderson who put the edit together, while I shot the footage and produced the track. 
We wanted to create a visual representation of the kind of places electronic music can transport you to mentally and energetically. And I think now, in a time where we cant be together in our favourite clubs where strobes and projections guide journeys on dance floors we wanted to create something with that in mind. 

The track itself for me, off my Latest Ep on Aesir Records, was something I poured a lot of emotion and attention in to, ”The Mountain” a metaphor for just about anything you have to overcome in life, be it mentally, physically or emotionally. All electronic music moves me, but I’ve always had a love for producing deep, hypnotic, atmospheric and what the label has described as crisp, richly textured techno. I really focussed on trying to create sounds that were detailed enough for the ear to almost paint a mental picture of what might be making them.. I love that stuff, its one of the things that inspires me most about electronic music, even though its just electronically synthesized noise.. electronic signals.. these signals tell stories in our minds. That’s what music is all about for me, because that ability to paint mental pictures or stimulate emotions just through synthesized sound or complex rhythmic patterns in itself shows a special power behind it.
How we perceive the real world after all is also simply via electronic signals in the brain. I really believe in electronic music as a powerful tool of ritual.. A place to escape, but not just to get out of your head, It serves a real purpose, that escape gives us the opportunity to be in deep meditative trance states for long periods of time, to delve deeper into our psyche, to a place where epiphanies form. Its actually why I started producing music, its why I started running parties in the mountains and acquiring big sound systems nearly a decade ago and inevitably its how Fuinneamh Festival came to be.. I wanted people to be in that space because it has inspired me so much, it really means so much to me.
I feel a deep connection with rhythm and with coming together to experience it, i’m sure we all do, thats why we love clubs, festivals and big sound systems, theres something timeless about that experience. I think we’re programmed to feel better when we hear and feel rhythms.. Its something that has been in our societies since we were tribal.. gathering to rhythms..
Now with our more advanced methods were able to put together incredibly complex patterns and create immense space and atmosphere through synthesizing and manipulating sound frequencies, we can stir specific emotions and guide intense journeys on dance floors.. So that was the main drive behind this project, a way of emphasising the beauty in the journey electronic music can lead us on.. 

“suggested, stick on headphones, make video full screen”

If you’re a fan of this track, check out our write up on the EP it’s featured on and check it out on Bandcamp / youtube here.

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