The much adored Partboi69 is due to return to Ireland this summer for the Irish festival season, but whether the global pandemic will allow this to happen is still to be decided. We can only cross our fingers and toes.

However, while we await Coronavirus developments, all we can do is keep the social distancing, keep the faith in our excellent doctors and nurses, plus do our small part by simply staying indoors.

While doing this, listen to as much music as you can in these times of forced lockdown, starting with this mix from Partiboi69. The Australian is known for his obscure look, his New Balance chains, his unique approach to social media and of course, his banging ghetto house and electro mixes, which have set him as one of the industry’s most entertaining acts.

Check out his ghetto house, techno and electro set live from the Stingzone below. It’s very, very good.

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