Ahead of BICEP’s landmark show at the 3Arena this St. Patrick’s Day we asked our readers to list some of their favourite BICEP tracks from their extensive discography. From BICEP’s early house productions right through to their seminal self-entitled album, this is a comprehensive list of definitive BICEP music.

BICEP are arguably the most influential Irish electronic music artists of all time, and their vast collection of music ranges from all corners of the electronic sphere. The BICEP project started in 2008 when the duo set up their FeelMyBicep blog to showcase their love of Italo, house and disco deep cuts, which soon snowballed into an authoritative space for music lovers.

Fast forward to the present, and BICEP have established themselves as one of the most powerful acts in electronic music worldwide. While the duo has long been a fixture in the global dance music community, the release of their self-titled debut album in 2017 changed everything for the duo, and its impact can still be felt today. A Four Four Magazine review of the album quoted “BICEP’s album was a resounding success for the Northern Irish duo, but also for the long term prosperity of dance music itself.” This statement feels overwhelmingly accurate as we’re still feeling the ripple effect that it’s had on electronic music since its release.

Their most recent LP ‘Isles’ gained similar recognition, although the album showcases a more club-orientated focus within a longer format, almost merging their ever-loved house and techno anthems with their electronica leaning interpretation of modern rave music.

Here’s a list of Bicep’s most important and favourite tracks as listed by our Four Four Magazine readership.

BICEP – Vision Of Love [2012]

A modern day house music anthem that has been lighting up dancefloors since 2012. Chunky house drums, irresistible chord stabs, a soulful vocal and those iconic jacking vocal hits, this is a bonafide classic that any house music fan will recognise from the first bar.

BICEP & Hammer – Dahlia [2015]

BICEP & Hammer‘s track Dahlia remains one of the the duo’s most cherished tracks with their fans. A thought-provoking take on 90’s rave sounds, this captures your emotions instantly. This is the sort of record that everybody has some sort of anecdote that correlates with the track, and for very good reason.

BICEP – Satisfy [2013]

The Satisfy EP seemed like an early blueprint for the BICEP that would later capture the imaginations of dancers across the globe. Uplifting, ravey, gritty, soulful and lo-fi, the track defied trends at the time of its release and acted as a trailblazer in the changing sounds of modern house and rave music.

BICEP – Opal [2017]

We cut to one of the most popular tracks from the duo’s self-titled album in 2017, Opal quickly became a fan favourite. The track’s popularity swelled with the help of a notable Four Tet remix as well as a live mix, but ultimately the original remains imperative. Smokey garage drums meet heavenly arpeggiated synths for a definitive BICEP anthem.

BICEP – Just [2015]

Released in the same year as Dahlia, this represents a pinnacle time in dance music as BICEP were churning out classic after classic. A chunky electro rhythm plays off uplifting strings and that zigzagging lead synth that seems somewhat historic in the history of contemporary Irish electronic music. This was made to give you goosebumps, and that it does.

808 State – In Yer Face (BICEP Remix) [2016]

Most wouldn’t dare touch 808 State‘s formative track In Yer Face, and most wouldn’t come even close to the original’s stature as a UK dance music classic, but most producers aren’t BICEP. An ecstasy laced ode to BICEP’s deep-rooted love for rave music, this track captures everything the they’re about while still clinging onto their signature sound.

BICEP – Glue [2017]

You knew it was coming. Without a shadow of a doubt BICEP’s most important and recognised track to date, Glue is a staple in the museum of modern dance music culture. The video, the story, the history, the music… there is something just so unexplainably capturing about this piece of music. One Youtube comment reads ‘How can this track make me feel empty and broken and full and complete at the same time? True masterpiece.’ I couldn’t say it any better.

BICEP – Celeste [2015]

We’re back in 2015 and Celeste lay on the A side of the Just EP, often under appreciated due to the success of Just, but most certainly not forgotten. Celeste shows BICEP’s moodier side as they cut a hefty slice of tribal bliss that skims across the face of eerie anguish and hopeful rebellion. A cinematic piece of dancefloor bliss that is strangely addictive, but you won’t dare to question it.

BICEP Vs Ejeca – You [2012]

BICEP and Ejeca was a joining of electronic music titans during a precious time for house music in Ireland. This track holds a special place as a symbolic piece of dance music in Ireland, not only did this track occupy dancefloors for years on end across the island, but it posed a figurative joining of two of Ireland’s most daring producers at this time. This track arguably defined Irish dance music in a way it had never been done before.

BICEP – Getcha’ Boi [2012]

We come full circle on our final pick from our Four Four Magazine readership, as we finish on the B side of the Vision Of Love EP. Getcha’ Boi is BICEP flexing their house music muscles in stupendously soulful fashion. The chunky rhythm sounds like it’s fresh out of Chicago in the 90’s, but two boys from Belfast churned out this classic that has since rested as an Irish house music anthem.

You can purchase tickets to MCD & District 8 Presents BICEP here.

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