We’ve selected 10 chilled-out mixes to soundtrack your 4/20 as people across the globe celebrate cannabis culture on the 20th of April.

4/20 is a global celebration of cannabis and marijuana culture. People will congregate in various corners of the world to ceremonialize marijuana, the drug that in most countries remains illegal despite its well acknowledged medicinal properties.

The 20th of April marks the annual celebration of the plant’s benefits both mentally and physically, and is used as a day to advocate for its legality and acceptance within modern culture. Born from a group of Californian teenagers who smoked marijuana around 4:20 p.m. every day. The custom spread, and 420 quickly became shorthand for smoking marijuana. For calendar considerations, 420 was eventually transformed to 4/20, and the day of celebration was born.

We select 10 mixes to perfectly soundtrack your laid-back 4/20 celebrations.

Nightmares On Wax Boiler Room London DJ Set

It doesn’t get more chilled out than Nightmares On Wax. George Evelyn’s discography has been loosely associated with cannabis and become symbolic withs stoners across the globe through his debut album ‘Smokers Delight’ and his 2006 LP ‘In a Space Outta Sound’ among other hazey offerings. His 2013 Boiler Room still remains golden, amassing over 11 million plays as the UK DJ serrnades listeners with a soothing blend of house, disco, hip-hop, funk & dub.

Crack Mix 339: Moxie

Moxie pays tribute to the early hours of the club in her mix for Crack Magazine. The British selector meanders through a mesmerising selection of down-tempo cuts and powerful chugging grooves. Moxie does an excellent job of keeping the vibe nonchalant while also gradually building in ferocity. A misty look into Moxie’s sedated side to her record bag is just what the doctor called for this 4/20.

Jeremy Underground – 10 Years Without You

Jeremy Underground has earned title of a DJs DJ, a repertoire that is sacred among diggers. An avid record collector, Jeremy’s library of music is staggering and his devotion to vinyl is essential to his craft. His 10 Years Without You mix is dedicated to his late mother, and see’s the Parisian root around rare grooves, spinning a variety of down-tempo slow burners and chuggers. Perfect listening for anyone looking to zone out for an hour.

Alternate Cuts: Donato Dozzy (No Boundaries Set) [Resident Advisor]

The master Donato Dozzy lays down an entrancing trip through the deep for Resident Advisor’s Alternate Cuts party in Manchester with Absolut and Meat Free. The Italian selector is known for sauntering through sub-focussed music with great ease, effortlessly hypnotising listeners through a blend of atmospheres and tempos. Dozzy drifts through a mind-bending two hours of ambient, hip-hop, acid, techno, drum & bass live in Manchester. Take your smoking buddy on a trip with this one.

Dubkasm Boiler Room London DJ Set

Dubkasm are a duo comprised of childhood friends Digistep and DJ Stryda, who began their dub project in the mid-’90s before going on to launch their Sufferah’s Choice label in 2003. The pair continue to spread a good message showcasing and educating the roots and dub reggae, which is exactly what they’ve done in their 2016 Boiler Room as they weave through original tracks from themselves alongside classics from Lee Scratch Perry, Kahn and more. Light one up to this and kick it back.

Andrew Weatherall – Massive Mellow Mix

The ultimate mix to kick the feet up for 90 minutes, Andrew Weatherall‘s classic ‘Massive Mellow Mix’. A Balearic trip through 90’s euphoria, Weatherall posses an immaculate insight into creating a transcendent journey through music that is uniquely simplistic but still somehow totally unfathomable. Selection, flow, sun-soaked brilliance, it’s mixes like this that showcase exactly what all the fuss was about when you speak about Andy Weatherall. Many a spliff has been lit to this one, here’s to another.

DJ Snoopadelic Boiler Room Los Angeles DJ Set

It had to be included, didn’t it? Snoop Dogg on Boiler Room under the alias DJ Snoopadelic at rollerskating jam..yes please. Snoop digs through funk, soul & boogie, soundtracking sun-drenched sound of the West-Coast. Snoop throws it back to the 70’s and 80’s on this one, like stepping back into a time-machine as he oozes cool and we’re here for it. You know what to do.

Ben Buitendijk at Triphouse Rotterdam Tripstream

Rotterdam native Ben Buitendijk has describes himself a story-teller, ditching the faster and harsh techno that his city is known for and choosing a softer meditative route of selecting music. His 2014 set from Triphouse is a lush voyage through delicate textures and a spacey ambiance, transporting the listener to a tranquil place of equilibrium.

Moritz von Oswald feat. Tikiman – Live at Shanti Moscow

Dub techno pioneer Moritz von Oswald teams up Rhythm & Sound‘s Tikiman for a legendary performance at Shanti Moscow. This is where two colliding entity’s of dub music join together for a journey through the ages as the pair root through clouded reggae grooves and deranged delay’s for a heavenly trip through low-end focussed history.

Jane Fitz at Archiv, Precious Hall, Sapporo, July 2022

London native Jane Fitz is one of the cities most prized selectors. A shrewd ear for pulsating grooves and a knowledge of both the dancefloor and music has made a lifelong career for the Nightmoves boss. In this live recording from Precious Hall in Sapporo, Japan Jane goes deep for five hours of psychedelic music from ambient, acid, techno, tribal and more. It’s easy to get lost in this one, and you should relish it.

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