We recap some of our favourite new Irish mixes that we’ve had on frequent rotation all summer. From teeth grinding techno sets, to dubstep-laced podcasts, this list covers every corner of the Irish dance music landscape, with quality oozing from top to bottom.

EMA presents Woozy with Mia Koden ‘Now That’s What I Call 140’ 100% Vinyl Mix [Rinse FM]

EMA presents an all-vinyl special for the fourth instalment of her Rinse FM residency. The Woozy boss digs deep into her collection record collection, spinning an amalgamation of dubstep and 140 sounds. For the second hour she invites Sicaria Sound affiliated Mia Koden who also puts forward an all-wax set comprised of 140 adjacent sounds alongside some immense unreleased dubs. This is a heads-down trip through sub-shaking grooves, presented in it’s truest form.


Killarney native David Sheeran better known as Shee contributes a new mix to the revered FEEL MY BICEP MIXTAPE series. The Limerick based artist puts forward a mix contrived of 95% original Shee productions which is made up of unreleased tracks, edits, collaborations and mashups. The mix showcases the young producer’s classic style of french licked house, while also delving into sparkling Balearic cuts alongside 00’s leaning electro-house grooves. This is a bold statement from the rising producer, as he flexes his prowess in the studio once again.

Shampain – Live from The Big Top, Galway

Shampain released the live recording from his set at the Big Top last month as part of the Galway Arts Festival for G TOWN Records. The landmark show is ought to be one of the most important electronic music events to take place on the Isle of Ireland within the last decade, as KETTAMA, Shampain, IMOGEN & Efa O’Neil sell out The Big Top in Galway City. Shampain leaves no stone unturned on this one as he navigates through pounding UK techno, jackin’ Chicago cuts, rave classics and more. This is the Galway selector at his very finest as he goes ball to wall with breakneck rhythms alongside dizzying experimental grooves, before finishing on spine tingling Sinéad O’Connor outro.

Out of Space with PAULINE B2B Rhyzine [DDR]

Two of Dublin’s most exciting DJs PAULINE & Rhyzine join forces to guest on Efa O’Neill‘s Out Of Space show on Dublin Digital Radio. The pair lace up their boots and get right to it as they weave through a jolting selection of subterranean cuts from hard drum & dubstep right through to aquatic electro and bone-crushing UK techno. This one is firmly dedicated to the dancefloor as the pair bounce from one club banger to the next, all while remaining utterly unpredictable.

Sunil Sharpe – ANTIDOTE #5 at RADION [07.07.23]

A live recording from a Sunil Sharpe set is a rare beauty, and when they surface, you stop and you listen. Sunil held down a two-hour masterclass for one of Amsterdam’s newest parties ANTIDOTE, the Dubliner played on the same bill as local legends Vromo & Alez Ranzino, alongside Berlin’s Lars Huismann, and more. The recording which is just shy of 120 minutes see’s the Earwiggle boss whiz through an amalgamation of chizzled techno cuts, ranging from wonky rave thrillers, crushing acid killers, classic 90’s techno anthems, EBM teeth-grinders and so much more. Bring your popcorn, and prepare to stay on the edge of your seat for the full journey.


Berlin based DJ SPEED & Josh Reid step into the hot seat for AKTIVV‘s DESTRUKTIVV SERIES mix series. Two avid diggers and record slingers go toe to toe in an all encapsulating podcast that runs just over 90 minutes. The pair flex their mixing prowess on this one, as they perfectly execute rapid mixes, spinbacks and razor-tight fader chops. The Irish selectors sail through a number of high-speed techno weapons, taking inspiration from the 90’s, while still also showcasing new tracks from the likes of Beau Didier, Luke Slater, Vil & Cravo, Maxx Rossi and more. Proper mixing with proper selections from proper DJs.

Mercorn – EXAMINING THE GOD HEAD [Godsezz]

One of Ireland’s leading selectors in the world of trance, psy, hardhouse and out & out party music, Mercorn, steps up to London based label Godsezz‘s mix series. This is ecstasy laced club music at it’s most thrilling as Mercorn turns up the heat to the maximum and takes listeners down a rabbit hole of 90’s infused anthems. The Dubliner doesn’t shy away from big breakdowns, gnarly hoovers and vocal slammers as she races through a soundtrack of vintage dancefloor cuts. This sounds like it could have been recorded direct from The Asylum in the mid 90’s, and it’s unapologetically rave soaked.

Prospekt Podcast 082: OISINOK

Tipperary native OISINOK has proved to one of the most exciting Irish techno selectors to arise within the last 12 months. Co-founder of 712 collective, the youngster is dedicated to harnessing a loop-driven techno sound wether it’s through his parties or in this case in his latest mix for Cork techno outfit, Prospekt. The hour-long mix show’s the youngster carefully select a number a minimalistic rolling techno grooves, layering tracks from Snakebite_616, Alberto Tolo, Augusto Taito and more. This is a journey mix that flows effortlessly while still also grabbing the listener through acute fader chops and filter work. This is the sound of a smoked-out warehouse at 6am, close your eyes & enter the void.

MEDA – Techno Cartel [073]

Amsterdam based MEDA steps up for yet another killer podcast, this time for Techno Cartel who have hosted a number of esteemed artists to their podcast series including Linear System, Deluka, PWCAA, VHS, and more. MEDA steers away from her cut throat style of techno that she is known for, and veers in a more hypnotic direction while still keeping up the pace. The Lithuanian born DJ is running at full tilt on her latest podcast as she pairs looping and syncopated tracks together, creating a dizzying soundtrack that is both eerie and funk-fuelled. Another strong offering from an extremely exciting talent.

Semi Delicious with Demi Riquísimo with Holly Lester [Rinse FM]

Duality Trax boss Holly Lester returns to Rinse FM, following her previous guest-mix for Scottish selector Theo Kottis. This time round Holy joins Demi Riquísimo for his label Semi Delicious‘s show on Rinse. The Belfast native provides a selection of rolling house rhythms, weaving in and out of bouncing Chicago cuts, bleeped out UK grooves, and trance-licked euphoria. Holly’s set’s are often a cavernous journey through ethereal & pulverising grooves, and this is no different. Hazy atmospheres meet glitchy acid lines for an hour of murky dancefloor ecstasy. This is classy stuff from a modern master of her craft.

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