Neopilatin techno duo, Fireground, shares ten tracks that shaped their high-powered techno sound.”The tracks we have selected for this list convey an uplifting energy, which is the constant reference point during our creative process. It’s crucial to infuse each of our tracks with that distinctive touch, regardless of the musical direction we are pursuing”

Angela and Daniele are the creative minds behind one of techno’s most intriguing new duos, Fireground. The Fireground project perfectly blends a multitude of classic dance music flavours, weaving together their diverse influences, from the gritty rhythmic knots associated with their Neapolitan origins to the pulsating sounds of Chicago and Detroit-drenched techno and house music, crafting an ecstasy-laced package that is romantically nostalgic yet daringly new and authentic.

The duo is ready to release a landmark 12-inch via Berlin techno institution Tresor. ‘Love Letter’ is the sum of its parts, a tribute to both new and old inspirations. Fireground has released a summer-ready record filled with sparkling harmonics, fizzing chord stabs, and florescent string sections. You wouldn’t blink if I told you this was released by Tresor in 1994; it’s the classic sounds with Firegrounds’ very soulful tones etched all over it.

Fireground selects 10 influential records that helped inspire their uplifting techno sound.

Infiniti – Skyway [Hyperspace]

“A historic and essential track from a Detroit legend in the Tresor catalogue, of indisputable importance in the history of techno and the Detroit-Berlin connection. The track is a continuous hypnosis that you can listen to endlessly.”

Tullio de Piscopo – Stop Bajon [Bagaria]

“A notable commercial success in Italy (and beyond) in the 80s,  this song exudes an awakening energy, it takes you to dance, inviting you to feel in a good mood.” 

Paul Johnson – Hear the Music [Peacefrog Records]

“Like the original sample from which it is composed, it shares several nuances that remind us of Neapolitan music. However, it’s really interesting how Paul Johnson, with his energy, turned it into an epic house track.”

Thomas Bangalter – Colossus [Trax On Da Rocks]

“A French touch pillar that comes from half of Daft Punk, one of our main inspirations. An explosion of euphoria, this track conveys the disco essence fused with a fierce house groove. It’s the play of filters that transmits the intensity of a playful live set.”

Jeff Mills – L8 [Purpose Maker]

“Jeff Mills/Purpose Maker’s signature groove. This track captures attention with a stab on the second and fourth beats, infusing subtle funk nuances and creating a continuous crescendo that permeates the entire track.”

Question 1 – B1 (Marco Carola) [QUEST-11]

“This versatile track is one of our favourites from the Question series by Marco Carola. With a direct and essential approach, it’s 100% focused on the groove and enriched with the right swing. It is still featured in many different DJ sets today.”

C&G South System – Dual EP B2 [Conform]

“Another Neapolitan gem, this track proves that you can create uplifting energy through pure groove, catapulting you back to the Love Parade, without the need for complex harmonies but only with raw and engaging elements.”

“The Neapolitan sound, rich in history and culture, has been shaped by a variety of influences from different countries. Naples, as a commercial hub in the Mediterranean, has absorbed musical influences from around the world. Local traditions and folk songs have been influenced by countries such as Spain, France, North Africa, and the Middle East, contributing to the musical diversity over the centuries.”

St. Germain – Prelusion [F Communications]

“A song by a French producer who has always inspired us. We are struck by the way it begins by imposing itself first from an emotional point of view and then delicately introduces the warm rhythmic part.”

James Senese Napoli Centrale – È Na Bella Jurnata [La canzonetta record]

“This track instantly transports you to a warm sunny day in Naples, as you drive through the city and take in the beautiful Lungomare. The first electric piano chord after the bass introduction perfectly captures the spirit of the city.”

UR – Inspiration [Underground Resistance]

“It was imperative to end this list with this song. Like almost every piece from that period of UR, it offers a compelling harmonic progression. Almost like some nuances of jazz, each successive chord is astonishing, with a singular charm expanded by the lead melody.”

What strikes us deeply is the vibrant and engaging energy of emblematic tracks like “Na Bella Jurnata” by James Senese and “Stop Bajon” by Tullio De Piscopo. Both of these tracks perfectly capture the spirit and vibrant energy of the city of Naples, conveying a lively and inspiring atmosphere. In addition to these funk influences, it’s fascinating to note how Naples has also given rise to a singular techno sound in the 1990s, of which we have included two essential tracks that are still very much present today. The tracks we have selected for this list convey to us the same uplifting energy described earlier, which is the constant reference point during our creative process. It’s crucial to infuse each of our tracks with that distinctive touch, regardless of the musical direction we are pursuing”

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