Dutch techno artist, Laura Van Hal, delves into her favourite tracks that have influenced her minimalistic techno sound ahead of her Irish debuts with Circuit Structure & Mutate at Wigwam in Dublin on Friday and CSR & Basement Project at Cuba on Saturday.

Laura van Hal has been making a name for herself in the Dutch and European techno scene in recent years. Her extensive knowledge of music stems from years spent on the other side of the booth, soaking up inspiration and refining her sound. Her dynamic and meticulous approach to track selection and mixing has made her one of the most sought-after DJs to emerge from the Netherlands today; her sets are a powerful journey through hypnotic sounds, as Van Hal effortlessly tunnels down various warm holes of groove-laced techno without losing its trippy and haunting edge. Recent sets at Awakenings, Reaktor, RSO, Loveland, and Rote Sonne, among others, have boosted her profile in the techno scene, as she prepares for another fruitful season of shows this summer.

We chatted to Laura about 10 tracks that helped define her refined techno sound.

Etapp Kyle – Aurora [Klockworks]

My best friend and I walked into the 2nd room of our favourite club one night when this track was playing. We were immediately completely mesmerized by it. To this day it’s still one of our anthems. Most tracks Etapp Kyle has produced are lovely, with their soft and dreamy melodies and chords that make you float into a fantasy world. 

Jeff Mills – B2F 7 [Axis]

The one and only Wizard! An optimistic and funky rhythmic track.

Scorp – New Energy [SCORP004]

Everything Steve Rachmad has made under his own name, or under his many aliases, is super solid. He’s one of the best producers. His synth melodies and loops are funky and absolutely timeless. I hardly play a set without one of his tracks.

Nuklear Default (Lewis Fautzi) – Clearing [Soniculture]

When I put this on I get such a boost of adrenaline and energy and I can’t stop smiling. This is one of those tracks I could play it every time cause I love hearing this out loud on a sound system. The synth and bass in this track work so well together, it’s lovely to blend too!

Robert Hood – Power To Prophet [M-Plant]

Where to start on Mr. Hood! The music he’s made both under his real name and his Floorplan alias is a straight-up funky, warm and effective Detroit sound. 

Dettmann & Klock – Dawning [Ostgut Ton]

I recently revisited this track. It’s so minimalistic and the build-up is done so that every element gets gradually introduced. I get goosebumps every time I hear this. 

Jeroen Search – Brush [Search]

Jeroen Search is one of my favourite producers! I started to practice with loads of his tracks. There is a minimalist approach to his productions, yet his tracks are groovy and infectious.

Function – Disaffected [Sandwell District]

One of those tracks where you can completely lose yourself in, it’s an absolute brain melter. 

DVS1 – Black Russian [Klockworks]

Less is definitely more! With only a few sounds this track is dynamic, sexy and very effective.

Marcel Dettmann – Lattice [MDR 04]

A haunting, stripped-back techno track with few elements and lots of ‘space’ to fill in the blanks for the one who listens to it. Hearing Marcel Dettmann play this in the famous Gashouder in Amsterdam was very special.

You can purchase tickets to the Dublin show here & the Galway show here.

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