The term techno is loosely defined, and more and more new producers are adding their own spin to the genre. We chose seven rising Irish producers who are breaking the mould with their ‘techno’ productions.

A new generation of Irish techno is emerging, mixing together the sounds of the past to create something unique. The future of Irish techno is eroding the distinction between sub-genres to carve out their own rhythm. These producers are influencing the future of Irish techno, one track at a time.

Hunteryx – Mike Menzter Step

Hunteryx has been turning heads in recent times with ghetto and hardgroove-laced productions and DJ sets. His latest two-track release sees him pare things down a little, focusing on steam-rolling low-end and dynamic percussive grooves. “Mike Menzter Step” is a gritty and quivering jackin’ groove, with the youngster rolling hard on the percussive attack, simple three-step lead sequence, and ghetto-kissed vocal hook.

Neil Meehan – Deeper Meaning

Cork’s Neil Meehan has been putting his foot forward in the Rebel County’s ever-strengthening techno community with a cocktail of house-touched swung techno cuts. His latest ‘Deeper Meaning’ is essentially a deep-house track pitched up by 10, and that is by all means a compliment. The organ lead is star of the show here as it plays alongside chunky house drums and a two-note vocal line to create an impactful techno tool that blurs the lines between house and techno.

Sella – 909 Virgin

Dublin’s Sella is back with a three-track self-release EP featuring a punchy trio of slamming techno cuts. ‘909 Virgin’ is our pick of the bunch, a rough-edged drum workout that plays alongside a slippery chord sequence, excellently tugging the filter up and down while Sella delivers a 909 assault. Bringing techno back to its fundamentals – simplistic, dynamic and impactful.

Kaycee – No Escape

Kaycee’s debut single, ‘No Escape,’ is a trance-infused 90’s techno weapon. Keating goes all out on this one, laying down a constant air-raid of striking 909 hats, claps, and thundering bass. The main emphasis is on the 90s-tinged hardcore piano line, which exudes ectascy-laced 6AM vibes and strikes a stark sense of elation while the rest of the track goes hammer and tongs.

PEEPLPLEEZR – Untitled 002 B1

Finn McEntee, also known as PEEPLPLEEZR, delivers some new Rush-infused techno. The relatively new name in the Dublin techno scene has been making waves with his 90s-tinged tracks and DJ sets, which expertly combine Chicago house with threads of sun-kissed Dutch tastes. His most recent album, ‘Untitled 002’, is his greatest yet, and the B1 is nothing short of an anthem, with a pulsing bassline, shuffling percussive knots, and a memorable vocal hook that will stick with you for weeks.

Kjinn – I Don’t See What The Problem Is

Kjinn has been releasing weapon after weapon and his latest is arguably his best yet. The young Dublin producer blends flavours of house, techno, ghetto, and UKG in a 5-minute locked groove that is oozing with funk. This is the ultimate DJ tool, combining classic ghetto-house samples with Detroit-licked stabs and a pulsing bass sequence that will rock any dancefloor it comes across.

hellokt – Desire Path Part 1

hellokt’s debut release is a homage to the90s and Dancemania, with a swinging techno rhythm that samples a number of seminal Chicago cuts, alongside a percussive workout that references early 90s hardgroove yet wouldn’t sound out of place in a Paul Johnson set. hellokt gracefully repurposes jackin’ Chicago weaponry with her own style.

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