We revisit some of our favourite new Irish mixes that we’ve had on heavy rotation recently. We’ve scoured the most recent mixes from some of Ireland’s most innovative and formative DJs, both new and old, to bring you a taste of glistening progressive grooves, minimalistic techno power, haunting dubstep rollers, and much more.

We get a diverse look at some of Ireland’s best DJs as they explore the various nooks and crannies of their vast and gaping music collections. This selection features a tasting menu of trance, house, techno, rave, acid, and more. Dig in and listen to the sounds of Ireland’s leading selectors.

Out Of Space: Sahana + S-Agenda [Dublin Digital Radio]

S-Agenda and Sahana team up for an hour-long guest mix on Efa O’Neill‘s coveted Out Of Space radio show on DDR. The pair move through a wide range of dancefloor-focused sounds, from dusty house rhythms to slippery proggy atmospheres and screwface hard dance weaponry. Everything and anything is on the cards here, but the pair dip and dive out of different divisions of the dance music spectrum with utter ease.

The Ottoman Export Show w/ Loradeniz B2B Ngoni Egan [RRFM]

Ngoni Egan, one of Ireland’s leading electro artists, collaborates with fellow Amsterdam-based selector Loradeniz for an expansive deep dive into their respective cavernous collections of weird, wonderful, and psychedelic cuts. The pair builds the energy from the ground up, starting with some trippy atmospheric breaks and progressing to some industrial-tinged broken hammers. Naturally, the pair find themselves tunnelling down the Drexciyan-soaked electro continuum, before returning back to more closed-fisted Boys Noize-esque gritty bangers. This is two skilled DJs doing what they do best, burrowing down their libraries and unearthing gems.

Truancy Volume 324: Byron Yeates

Irish-born, Berlin-based Byron Yeates supplies the 324th mix for the non-profit cultural platform, Truants. The Radiant Records boss glides through a selection of 90s techy rollers, acid-steeped grooves, vintage Chicago house cuts, and ecstasy-glazed rave weapons. Yeates lets the music speak for itself, patiently waiting for the right moment to drop his next smokey dancefloor-infused showpiece. Yeates is a DJ’s DJ, and he proves it here by relentlessly uncovering jewel after jewel and defying any preconceptions the listener or dancer may have about what should or will happen next.


Dublin-based Emmie takes over the 35th DESTRUKTIVV Podcast for Berlin-based label, AKTIVV. The young selector best known for her proficient knowledge of vintage techno cuts opts for a more contemporary approach as she calls on a host of minimalistic fresh techno grooves, running through smouldering low-end punishers to slinky sci-fi-infused hypnotic tools. It can be difficult to keep up with the flood of new techno mixes, but Emmie’s latest offering commands attention. There’s a lot to be said about good track selection, a shrewd mixing approach, and a strong ear for what moves you, and Emmie delivers on all three.

Becky – March

Becky, a Dublin-based DJ and Co-Founder of Fuaim Dublin,’s latest mix, simply dubbed ‘March’, is a murky journey through UK sounds, from hard-edged dubstep growlers to zigzagging old-school grime cuts and menacing drill weaponry. Becky’s visceral approach to her ‘March’ mix unleashes a barrage of gut-wrenching low-frequency sucker punches. This is as disturbing as it is jarring.

SPOKEN085: James Cherry

James Cherry takes the helm for the 35th instalment of the Groningen-based collective and event series, SPOKEN. Cherry presents his uncompromisingly raw and forceful stripped-back style, delivering a barrage of hypnotic grooves. The hour-long mix has an intense and immersive trip through ever-evolving warping synth lines, bellowing low-end, and his captivating industrial aesthetic. This is a meticulously made mix with tension that simply keeps building; at times, it seems like Cherry is scraping his nails off a chalkboard in the most brute-force and most intense way.

Sputnik One Invites: Sloucho [Rinse FM]

Sputnik One invites the enigmatic Sloucho for a 30-minute guest mix on Rinse FM while Sputnik looks after the first 30 minutes. Sputnik offers a diverse range of forward-thinking cuts, from off-kilter electro subtleties to trippy techno rhythms, dazzling hard drum weapons, and more. Sloucho steps up in the second half with his expansive approach to DJing providing an unpredictable experience that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats for the duration. Both artists have no qualms about raising the tempo or changing the ambience quickly as they distribute a flurry of experimental synth lines and glitching effects.

Photo Credits: bits.

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