Chicago is in the house as Theo Parrish steps up to remix Jamie 3:26 and Khadeeja Grace’s track ‘Speak Your Love’ via Jamie’s label 3:26. The Detroit refix is a soul-stirring piece of funk as Parrish injects an organic jazzy feel to the original, keeping the groove locked yet creased in the most elegantly soulful manner.

Seminal Chicago house producer Theo Parrish remixes fellow Chicagoan artist Jamie 3:26‘s track ‘Speak Your Love’ with vocalist, songwriter, and producer Khadeeja Grace. The song comes from Jamie’s new EP on his imprint 3:26 Records, which is out now.

Dropping earlier this month, the esteemed producer Jamie 3:26 teamed up with the producer and vocalist Khadeeja Grace on this piece of soulful and deeply grooving magic. A track that has been bubbling since 2015 with variations of the track being made throughout the ensuing years, it’s a song about being brought out of depression by the voice of God. With the words fitting the emotional space Khadeeja was in at the time of writing, she poured her entire heart into the spiritual track

Theo Parrish joins forces with fellow Chicago producer Jamie 3:26 and gospel & soul vocalist Khadeeja Grace to create an earthy piece of introspective US house music excellence. The smoke-filled piece of profound house music is a stirring reference to the history of Chicago’s deep-seated music backdrop, leaving shreds of Miles Davis, Nina Simone, Ron Hardy, and Frankie Knuckles across its smoldering exterior.

The original track was inspired by escaping depression through the voice of God and you can feel that spiritual feeling ooze through its intricate rhythm. Zapping delayed claps create an off-kilter groove that cut through a symphony of stabbing brass sections and kaleidoscopic piano keys. Parrish embodies the groove of a whole band, yet keeps the track simplistic and crisp. The Chicago master once again makes straightforward house ever so entangled and sophisticated, effortlessly brilliant.

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