Fuse resident, Atinbas sifts through his influences, including his extensive discography and tracks that have inspired his refined techno sound, ahead of his Dublin debut on Saturday at Wigwam for OMEN & Syncopated.

Belgian-based, Ahmet Altinbas is a formidable techno DJ and producer who is quickly establishing himself as one of the most prolific artists in the European techno scene. Altinbas is a resident of the legendary club, Fuse, and the co-curator of the Fuse Imprint label. Altinbas’ output has been nothing short of relentless, with releases on SK11, Token Records, and Non Series, among others. However, his consistent musical output has not compromised quality, as he has been pushing out a mound of cardinal techno records, focusing on the deeper, more stripped-back, and classic sounds, leaving his records with a timeless feel.

We chatted to Altinbas about 10 tracks from himself and others that helped define his cavernous techno approach.

Helical Scan – Index I [Chain Reaction]

This is an alias of Monolake/ Robert Henke which only appeared on a single release on Chain Reaction.
The first track that came to mind when thinking of cavernous techno. Deep tunnel, every time I put this track on it just enhances my focus on anything else I am doing.

Altinbas – Helical [Observation Station]

My longest track ever, which is kind of an homage to Monolake’s Helical Scan project above. Also the way the main synthline is acting reminds me of a helical shape itself. The way it intertwines with its own movement in time. What I really like about it is it kinda locks you in and doesn’t let go, once you’re in you’re in and don’t mind the 9mins length, at least to me.

Troy – Voyage to Pollux [Non Series]

One of my favourite producers, powerful deepness. Pollux is only accessible by a wormhole portal at the end of an alien cavern.

Altinbas – MT15 [Observation Station]

I was sitting on this track for 2 years before releasing it, I kept doubting it, as most of my friends didn’t really like it. But it’s one of those tracks that you may listen to at home and think it’s an alright track but makes full sense once it’s played in a dark club with a powerful sound system with a wild dancefloor.

Cio D’Or – XXXIII (Mike Parker Remix) [Semantica Records]

One of the darkest, deepest techno tracks I know. Only Mike Parker can achieve a vibe like this and execute it to perfection. Can’t play this everywhere, but when the venue, vibe and time is right, it hits.

Matrix – Isthmus [Chain Reaction]

Beautiful, nostalgic, deep and powerful. Not to be mistaken with the DnB producer Matrix, the Japanese producer Tetsuo Tsuri only appeared a few times on Chain Reaction to deliver 3 EPs of exquisite Dub Techno, and never released music again. I love this track.

Altinbas – Anaphora [Voltage Imprint]

In rhetoric, an anaphora is the use of a word or a sequence of words at the beginning of each sentence, or line. The same way the chord sequence hits at the beginning of each phrase in this track, though with a different accent each time.

Monolake – Magenta I [Chain Reaction]

Another Monolake track, think I could’ve probably filled this list with his music alone. I really like how this track is a whole journey, colourful and lovely but still having this dark and deep atmosphere to it.

Iori – Magnetic [Prologue]

Love this track so much, it’s been the soundtrack to many winter nights at home working and reading.

Deadbeat – Elder Drum [BLKRTZ]

Probably my favourite Deadbeat track. It feels to me like taking a walk into the depths of a cave, stalactites around, ceremonial music of an ancient tribe still echoing around.

Altinbas – Adda [Observation Station]

One of my deepest tracks to date, B1 of my first EP on my own label Observer Station which was a statement from where I came musically, the deeper side of Techno.

You can purchase tickets to Altinbas at Wigwam here.

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