Rave The Planet, the successor to the seminal Love Parade in Berlin is at risk of cancellation ahead of its return in just three days. Medical providers for the event Malteser Sanitätsdienst have pulled out on short notice which will make the festival unsafe for guests.

The Rave The Planet organisers called a press conference on Monday that stated the entire event is in jeopardy due to a lack of medical supervision. The organisation they had lined up The Malteser Sanitätsdienst has backed out at the last minute, leaving the event looking for a new medical supervisor on short notice.

Malteser states that there was no official commissioning and that they had never signed a contract for medical services with Rave the Planet GmbH. Rave the Planet have since agreed that there was no official contract, but that the two companies had a verbal agreement, and had detailed planning with Malteser.

Last year saw the debut edition of Rave The Planet which saw 200,000 ravers take to the streets of Berlin. The second edition of Rave The Planet is due to take place this Saturday with an estimated 300,000 guests.

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