Bray Institute of Further Education has been pushing electronic music and DJ culture since 2002. Starting out with a few 1210s in a prefab, they now have custom built DJ booths, multiple production studios and performance spaces. It is unique in Ireland to find a music college almost completely dedicated to electronic music production. For nearly two decades students have been coached by some of the most influential Irish DJs and producers.

Walking into BIFE college is like walking into any other college until you pass through the doors of the ‘Department of Noise’. In here you hear distorted kick drums from 9 in the morning until the college closes every night. You hear the scream of analogue synthesisers, records spinning back, and students whooping to their track selections. The range of technology on offer is impressive – Technics, Pioneer, Serato, Ableton, Pro-Tools. Students are taught how to mix, scratch, produce, record, master and promote their music. In every room the monitors are set to loud, as students banter, share techniques and learn from the tutors. BIFE has had a singularly impressive selection of tutors, hand selected for their skill, knowledge, love and compassion. Collectively they possess an endless array of musical knowledge and technical expertise, sharing their love of the craft with students. Tutors have included Jon Hussey (Planet Dub), Dave Splyce (All City Records), Tu-Ki (four year DMC Champion), Barry Dempsey (Virtu Studios), Handsome Paddy (XFM), Sunil Sharpe (Earwiggle). This year saw the inclusion of Matthew Flanagan (DeFeKT) and Doug Cooney (Real Sound). Coordinating it all is Ken Harte (Grizzle/AudioLemon). The DJ course has three other sister courses including Music Production, Sound Engineering & Music Performance.Over the years BIFE has had some standout students such as DeFeKT, Sarah Lennox, Lee Kelly, Quinton Campbell, Orla Feeney, Coleman Buckley, Jan Boland, Mode_1, Dermot Bateman, Nathan Jones and many more. All of them releasing, producing, promoting and DJing.We’ll leave the last words with Georgia Murphy aka Ôneyra who says, “I owe it all to the tutors at BIFE for providing and guiding me with their knowledge to push me to where I am today. I look forward to making my mark on the scene in years to come”.

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