Sadly, we’ll not be entering phase 4 of the reopening schedule, as the Covid-19 cases in Ireland continue to grow and delay the opening progress.

Leo Vradker said: “It’s an unfortunate truth that this pandemic is still raging across the world.”

“Even in Europe, where it’s under relative control we have seen an increase in cases across Europe, including here in Ireland”.

“Relative to other European countries we’re still doing quite well and we want to keep it that way and we want to make sure we do nothing that jeopardises the opening of schools over the next couple of weeks.”

“That’s why on the advice of NPHET we will be recommending to Cabinet that we take a very cautious approach for the next couple of weeks.

“I know that will come as a further blow to some of the sectors that can’t be reopened. But we just can’t risk moving backwards or risk schools reopening.”

Taoiseach Micheal Martin has just said on the RTE News:

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