While the nightclub industry is still very much on hold, the pubs and bars that don’t serve food have been thrown a lifeline at long last.

The re-opening of “wet” pubs that do not serve food, will be allowed to open from September 21st, but must have strict guidelines on seating, social distancing and hygiene control throughout the premises.

One note of interest, is that the decision to reopen pubs is very much subject to local restrictions. If the pubs and bars are in areas of high cases of Covid-19, tighter restrictions could be put into place.

While the pubs and bars across the country can re-open and start to bring in some much needed revenue, the nightclub and live music industry sadly will have to keep waiting.

“The next seven days are vital, everyone needs to reduce their contacts and assume any person you do meet may be carrying the virus,” said the Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Ronan Glynn.

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