Belfast techno giants DSNT are launching their latest initiative ‘Studio Sessions’ tonight with long time friend Manni Dee breaking down his track from DSNT Rave Tapes ‘Realness’.

DSNT has announced the first in it’s series of studio sessions which you can access online.  These are aimed towards skill sharing and community learning during quarantine time.As a company who predominantly runs on the cash flow from running events, covid-19 came as a blow to DSNT just as it has for many around the globe.  To tackle this they’re moving their focus over to resources that customers can access digitally, and have released a new print-on-demand clothing line, as well as putting more energy into their social initiative brand Keep It Zesty.

The first in the Studio Sessions series with Manni Dee is a Live production breakdown of his DSNT Rave Tape ‘Realness’.This will stream at 7pm GMT, Friday 24th April & tickets are available via the DSNT website (£4.20).  Ticket holders will also have access to a recorded video of the stream after it’s over.  The stream will air directly over the DSNT website and ticket holders will be sent a unique password to access.

What to expect:

  • Drum programming

A detailed breakdown of how to get the most out of your drums, including creating groove, compression techniques and layering

  • Effects & processing

Exploration of effects buses, signal routing, and creative use of stock and third-party plug-ins

  • Sampling

Manipulation of audio using time-stretching and effects

  • Synthesis

A break down of creating memorable lead sounds and subtle atmospheres using multiple oscillators, filtering and layering

  • Arrangement

Tips on how to keep listeners engaged and create variation through techniques like automation

  • Mixdowns

How to balance levels and ensure each element has its own space in the track

Heres everything you need to know!

DSNT Studio Sessions 001 – Manni Dee Production Breakdown of rave tape ‘Realness’
Time: 7pm-9pm
Date: Friday 24th April 2020
Description: Manni Dee online tutorial breaking down his production workflow for DSNT Rave Tape: Realness + Live Q&A via instagram live
Schedule: 7-8pm Manni Dee tutorial premiere8-9pm Q&A – Instagram live Q&A via DSNT instagram*.  *Preference will be given to students of the course for questions answered.  

You can sign up and get your ticket for the livestream here or if you want to find out more, check out the Facebook event here.

Check out the track ‘Realness’ below!

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