Jam Park had a short stint opening its doors as a new venue following on from its refurbishment from its previous monarch as ‘The Wright Venue’. Six months from the announcement that it will not open post lockdown, it’s been announced that the venue will be transformed into a state of the art sport broadcasting studio.

The venue that was formerly known as Jampark will be turned into a six-stage European Remote Broadcasting Center; six production control rooms; six audio control rooms; more bullpen for observers (in-game camera operators), graphics, replay and editing; and a series of large collaborative spaces.

Riot Games Esports plans to launch three remote broadcast centers located around the world to create a model of “chase the sun” broadcast operations.

Scott Adametz, senior manager, infrastructure engineering, at Riot Games said, “We knew we were going to move from a single-game esports company to a multi-game future and there would be production challenges because what has been built in the last ten years was not “will not take us through the next ten.

“We saw a freight train coming in terms of the amount of production we should have done and we saw remote and centralized production as the best way to deal with it.”

Unfortunately, we are forced to wave goodbye to yet another nightclub in Ireland well before we got to experience the full capabilities of Jampark, but at least it’s not a hotel…

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