We have a look back on Dublin’s most memorable gigs over the years.

Off the back of a recent post in our Four Four Magazine forum on Facebook, we’ve put together a list of the most memorable gigs in Dublin over the years from POD to The RedBox and many other fan favourite venues over the year.

Sunil Sharpe, Neil Landstrumm and Jerome Hill at Hangar – 2015

The heavyweight lineup was always one to be reckoned with straight from its announcement. A night of non stop techno which was just a little more special than any other Saturday night. The three way headline show rocked the old techno stomping ground, creating an unforgettable night for many before its untimely closure in May 2018.

Daft Punk at The Red Box – 1997

Before the world renowned super stars reached the height of their fame, the French duo toured clubs all around the world including the famous RedBox in Dublin, sister club to POD. Die hard Daft Punk fans have searched endlessly for a bootleg recording of this famous set which was supposedly given out to some attendees on the night; There are recordings online but have been reported to be fake. Either way, this gig is one that we all wish we could repeat just one more time.

Motor City Drum Ensemble at The Bernard Shaw – 2016

One of the finest selectors played the most intimate gig of all in the Bernard Shaw only 3 years ago. The Shaw has hosted many iconic gigs over the years and this definitely went down as one of those. Tickets were snapped up quickly and the space filled even quicker as attendees awaited the unique and possibly once in a life time show. Going down as many people’s favourite show, there is no doubt MCDE himself enjoyed it just as much as we did.

Sunil Sharpe at District 8 Closing Party – 2019

There was no figure more fitting than Sunil Sharpe to close the famous Tivoli Theatre for the final time earlier this year. The series of closing parties were all memorable occasions but the last show closed out by local legend and Give Us The Night front man Sunil Sharpe, was one that will go down in history. Irregardless of how special that night was, hopefully it is the last time we have to see our culture turned into commercial space again.

The Prodigy – Live at Point Depot – 1995

Rave icons took to the Point Depot back in 1995 for a night of what they do best. Taking place on New Years Eve in 1995, the year of 1996 was most certainly brought in with a bang and whoever was lucky enough to be there didn’t have a bad word to say against it. The memories of this night mean a lot more to people now a days after the tragic passing of front man Keith Flint.

Jeff Mills at Twisted Pepper – 2012

Of course how could we forget “That Video” and “That Gig”, the techno legend played a packed Twisted Pepper for Subject’s 5th Birthday in 2012 turning out to be a gig no one could ever forget. Still referenced regularly today, this one has a special place in many peoples hearts.






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