Fuinneamh Festival returns for its sixth instalment in just three weeks and the festival boasts one of its most impressive lineups to date. The festival poses as one of the only fully independent music festivals on this scale in Ireland, offering a handcrafted festival experience for attendees.

One of Ireland’s last fully independent festivals Fuinneamh returns to i’s home in Bellurgan Park, Dundalk in just over three weeks. The festival returns with one of its most impressive lineups to date with headliners Ellen Allien, DJ Heartstring, SPFDJ, X CLUB., MCR-T & Miss Bashful arriving to the festival.

Fuinneamh officially formed in 2016 for its inaugural addition, but the festival had been the coming together of over a decade of independent raves and festivals from the organisers. Fuinneamh has been the end product to what seem’s like a lifetime of dedication towards communal spaces driven by music and art, this is not just a passion project, it’s a way of life for many involved. This can been seen through every facet of Fuinneamh’s existence and every little detail has been thought over numerous times, it’s simply breathes differently. You can find little pieces of charm from the organisers spread across the land, and it ooze’s comfort, tranquility and freedom.

“It’s a totally different experience, you get fully enveloped in the land, the surroundings, the music, it’s incredible. This is a moment in time everybody needs to experience and I can’t stress that enough.”Shaun Darcy

Remaining independent is paramount to the future of Fuinneamh, the two-day gathering refuses to compromise on its ideals and vision. Independence and community runs through the very core of Fuinneamh and it allows the festival to create a truly unique experience, while also allowing dancers to immerse themselves in a sense of affinity that is divergent to branded festivals.

“It means everything to have full creative control over Fuinneamh, from being able to implement new progressive ideas, to being able to keep the festival free from commercial advertising. Fuinneamh is pure, it is a space created with intention, love, and collaboration. A space to escape, a place to find ourselves, to be vulnerable, to come together to share, laugh, love and dance. I feel like being an independent leaves people with the freedom to go deeper and feel safe.”Luke Reddy.

You can purchase tickets here.

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