Next up on our 5 Essential Festival Cuts series in collaboration with BD Festival is none other than KAYCEE. The genre-bending DJ gifts us with 5 tracks dedicated to the dancefloor, as the Dublin native delicately selects warehouse-soaked acid techno, smokey Chicago house, bumping garage edits and more.

KAYCEE is one of the most sought-after DJs in Ireland right now. Possessing a razor-sharp ear for floor-focussed cuts, the Dubliner has excelled on both club and festival circuits. Having shared stages with some of the most respected names in dance music including Denis Sulta, Paul Woolford, DUSKY, Stephanie Sykes, and more. On the festival circuit, KAYCEE has been showcasing her muscle-driven blend of house and techn o to crowds at Life Festival, BD and more.

This multi-genre DJ is quite far from predictable, you never know what to expect from her high-energy sets ranging from Progressive House & Italian synths right through to stomping trance & techno however it’s always exactly what the crowd are waiting for.

Karl Seery – Move Your Feet (Rocking by Myself) [& Friends]

I think this will continue to be my number 1 go-to festival track it fits in most of my sets seamlessly. It has it all a catchy bouncy bassline, and a fantastic 90s vocal to carry everything through but let’s not forget about that thumping kick to top it all off that swoops in out of nowhere and always catches the crowd and reels them right in! Big ups to Kerry Native Karl for this track easily still one of my favourite tracks ever.

Drugo – La Zanzara [Planet Techno]

This funky acid techno track from the ‘Planet Techno ‘ label is always a crowd favourite I played this at ‘LIFE 22’ and the minute that baseline dropped the crowd’s energy completely hit the roof! My favourite part in the track is at about 3 minutes when it drops off and that funky baseline can be heard alone it then drops off into an obscure vocal about mosquitos that I still don’t understand but definitely adds to the individuality of the track. This track was so good even Ewan Mcvicar stopped by to check it out! 

Man/ipulate – Eternity (Alex Kassian’s Ode To Sunshine Mix) [Certain Music]

It’s no secret I’m massively into the 90s sound having grown up being surrounded by the sound most of my life it was only natural I took to the sound like a duck to water! This sound has only recently gained popularity once again and I am definitely in my element and loving all the new stuff surfacing! Due to its recent popularity, we have some new artists stepping up to portray their takes on the popular 90s sound. ‘Alex Kassian’ is one of those artists anything he touches turns to gold! This track features the usual 90s percussion elements  I.e bongos, stabs and some out-of-this-world synths that carry each element throughout the track almost melting into the next this is the definition of progressive house.

H Two O Feat Platinum – What’s It Gonna Be [NRG Trax Remix]

his track has festival written all over it, it’s catchy it’s feel good and it’s definitely bouncy let’s not forget that infamous organ house sound to make the crowd go wild! 

Sterling Moss & Lethal One – Crowd Control [OFFICIAL]

The title says it all. This track very much does get some massive reactions from the crowd! I have played this in my sets a good few times and always seem to catch them every single time! This acid Techno track compiles Acid (obviously), some hefty 909 kick drums and a popular 90s sample from the 1989 house track by ‘Meeting Place – House From The World’ some honourable mentions that have sampled this sound also would be ‘Outlander – Vamp’ &  ‘SL2 – DJs Take Control‘! Completing an all-round high-energy banging track! 

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