After Eight is a new monthly early party that starts at 8 and finishes by midnight. The inaugural event is on April 13th at Pawn Shop, with the concept that dancers can enjoy a night of music without compromising a good night’s sleep.

While late-night partying is the current hot subject in the Irish dance music industry, the concept of opening our clubs earlier appears to have been forgotten. Club culture can function in the evening, rather than late at night. Giving patrons the choice of immersing themselves in music and dancing without losing sleep is a standard practice in venues across the globe, but it appears to be a miss in Dublin City. After Eight aims to change that.

The party is founded by Giita Hammond, a music lover, dancer, visual artist, and photographer. Giita was inspired by Annie Mac’s early club nights and 12 Sundays, which she attended at the old Bernard Shaw in Portobello. DJs from Ireland and beyond would perform till midnight. You can choose to dance, party, or sleep early.

Giita told Four Four Magazine “We desperately need a club space for people who love to dance, where it feels like it’s 2am but it’s only early evening, you can go home to bed or stay out dancing. In Dublin the music in clubs doesn’t start till midnight, most of my friends have stopped going out late at night because they don’t want to stay up or they have to get up early with kids the next day. I want to create an inclusive club space where everyone feels welcome and the music is great.”

The event takes place at the Pawnshop basement on Dame Street, with a monthly residency beginning on Saturday evenings from 8 to 12 pm. The debut After Eight will be held on April 13th, with music from KEM and support by Giita.

Photo Credits: The Boyler

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