Support The Sound is a global campaign in which dance clubs, promoters, and festivals collaborate with Aslice to promote fairness through income sharing. The network’s collective purpose is to create a new booking strategy that uses the community-focused service Aslice to assure fair recompense for music producers.

An international coalition of forward-thinking clubs, event planners, and festivals has announced the launch of Support The Sound, a groundbreaking effort that advocates for a healthy and sustainable future in electronic music.

The Support The Sound statement acknowledges that all members “believe it’s necessary that DJs recognize and share with the artists whose music fuels their sets. We have chosen to launch this initiative using Aslice, as their revenue-sharing service aligns with our vision. With its community-connecting platform, Aslice allows working DJs to share earnings directly with the music producers they play at paid gigs.”

Some of the collectives involved are Basement (New York) and Bassiani (Tbilisi), assembling a global network of founding members consisting of Dekmantel (Amsterdam), Fuse (Brussels), 6AM and Synthetik Minds (Los Angeles), Vault Sessions (Amsterdam), Wire Festival (New York), and Womb (Tokyo).z

“When Bassiani and Basement reached out to our team with this idea and expressed that they want to help change things for the better, it truly excited us”says Aslice’s founder Zak Khutoretsky (aka DVS1). “Since we launched Aslice in March 2022, we have always emphasized the value of community. Support The Sound plans to embrace a culture of sharing and that resonates deeply with the values of our service. Why wouldn’t we support the sound? Our industry would be nothing without the music.”

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