Belfast’s newest party ‘TWISTD’ is breeding new life into Belfast’s techno scene, while also looking to break the disconnect between Nothern and Southern industries. Next month, TWISTD welcome Julian Muller alongside Paudie, Cricky Little, Jamaal & Mafyew at Thompson’s Garage.

Introducing, TWISTD, the newest and most innovative addition to Belafst’s booming hard-edged techno scene. The crew is committed to bringing a slew of South Irish techno selctors to Belfast, as well as presenting some of the world’s top names.

Despite Belfast and Dublin’s long-standing dominance of the Irish techno scene, collaboration between the two cities is often lacking. The growing disparity between the two scenes makes little sense and could be harmful to Ireland’s techno infrastructure as a whole. The goal of TWISTD is to unite the two cities under the banner of slamming techno. Their debut event hosted Dublin-based Rowdiboi and their next showcase welcomes Dublin-native, Jamaal.

The team host Belgiums Julian Muller for the second iteration of the party. Muller has been making waves in the techno scene for a while now, with releases on labels like KAOS, Nervous Records, and JKS’s Smile. He got his start as a vinyl selector, but it was his ability to create his own unique sound that shot him to fame as a DJ and producer.

We felt that despite the two scenes (north & south) making a come back post covid and the Irish scene in general being as strong as ever, there was still largely a cross border disconnect that we wanted to bridge, given the opportunity. We have made a lot of friends across the scene and wanted to use this opportunity to give them shows in Belfast where they might not have got the chance previously and in doing so, not only introduce Belfast to some of the talent we have across the island, but also break down the big invisible border between the two scenes.” – Paudie [TWISTD]

You can purchase tickets here.

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