3,500 ravers packed into Dublin’s newest venue, Silo, for the return of Boiler Room in Dublin on October 29th. Yesterday, we relived the power of Irish techno on the city’s biggest stage as Boiler Room premiered the broadcasts for the first time with sets from Tommy Holohan, Sunil Sharpe, Yasmin Gardezi, Shampain and MAV666.

Boiler Room returned to Dublin for the first time in over three years with their biggest-ever iteration at Silo, also known as The RDS. The all-day techno broadcast took place on October 29th with LSDXOXO, Tommy Holohan, Sunil Sharpe, Yasmin Gardezi, Shampain, MAV666 and Derv.

The highly anticipated premiere of the broadcasts arrived yesterday as Boiler Room released the streams throughout the day. The streams have already racked up over 50,000 and serve as a showcase of the contemporary Irish techno scene.

The stream focuses on a high-octane techno sound with various 90’s club nuances reoccurring throughout the day. From Shampains sizzling breaks, to Tommy Holohan’s pulsating hardgroove sound and Yasmin Gardezi’s trance-soaked power hour, the stream pages homage to big-room techno sounds, steeped in rave rellics. Sunil Sharpe returned for his fourth Boiler Room apperance, flexing an all-encompassing hour mix on three-turntable madness, once again reaffirming his title as the godfather of Irish techno. MAV666 also showcased an intrict selection of dynamic techno cuts, leaning on slippery galloping grooves and impressing many.

Tommy Holohan

Yasmin Gardezi

Sunil Sharpe

MAV 666


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