Dublin techno imprint RLSD took to the Hör Berlin airwaves last week, showcasing two of Ireland’s longstanding techno talents, Rustal & Doug Cooney. The pair of Irish techno gurus approached the bathroom with sheer authenticity respectively presenting a live set, as well as an all wax mix.

Both Rustal & Doug Cooney are household names within the Irish techno scene, the pair have been pushing their sound in Dublin for many years and have received a numerous amount of accolades throughout the years. It’s needless to say the pair need very little introduction & are both masters at their crafts.

RLSD have been one of Ireland’s most successful techno labels in recent time, championing Irish techno alongside international heavy hitters. The label have put out music from Echoplex, Takaaki Itoh, Radial, Rory St John, Jon Hussey, Phil Galvin Jnr, Casper Hastings, Lee Holman, Stuey Lyons, as well as Rutsal and Doug Cooney themselves.

It is important to understand that RLSD Records are not just a label. Based in Dublin and working under the name of Real Sound, they are a collective of like minded folk who provide a host of training courses in all aspects of music production and DJing. With one foot rooted in the club and the other firmly in the classroom, they are helping to sow the seeds of the next generation of Irish DJ’s and Producers.

Rustal presented a deep and trippy live set while remaining the funk throughout. The Dublin hardware addict presented a stripped down live set and impressively with no computer or DAW in his set up. This is straight up groove from one of the countries best. Doug Cooney on the other came ready with a bag full of records for his second appearance on Hör.

Doug displayed exactly why he’s known to be one of the countries most technically gifted DJs, racing through venomous techno tools. Doug payed respect to the old school techno roots while mixing it with newer trailblazing cuts. This was easy work for Doug, a seasoned pro on the turntables.

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