We return to the coveted green bathroom in Berlin as yet another Irish selector makes their debut on Hör Berlin. This time it’s Belfast’s Caoimhe who get’s her shot as she runs through an acid soaked and jacking selection of house.

Belfast native Caoimhe began her DJ career in early 2019 and quickly rose through the ranks, catching the eyes of industry tastemakers in Ireland and the UK. Caoimhe had won three major DJ competitions in quick succession including a Breezeblock event to support Octo Octa, the AVA Festivals emerging DJ competition and the Mixmag and Coors Light DJ contest.

These competitions led to Caoimhe supporting Octa Octa for Breezeblock who have been running some of Belfasts best club nights, opening up the coveted main stage at AVA Festival which is no mean feet for any DJ and lastly throwing it down at the Lab London for Mixmag.

Caoimhe has a broad spanning sound that routes around house, acid and electro. The Belfast native superbly executes long and short blends with adroitness and ferocity when needed. Caoimhe has been known to play a rather uptempo and pumping style of house music, with lots of catchy vocals, bouncy baselines and uplifting chords.

For Caoimhe’s debut on Hör Berlin the young selector kept the energy high and pumping. The Belfast native mixes through jacking house, squelchy acid, murky half steppers and peak time trance infused house. Caoimhe’s mixing is immaculate through out and her attention to detail through out the mix is second to none. This was a real treat to get stuck into and i’m absolutely delighted that I stumbled across Caoimhe.

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